Samuel Colt's Journal.

Samuel Colt's Journal refers to the notes of Samuel Colt, the hunter who created the legendary Colt.


The front of the journal is inscribed with the phrase Non timebo mala over an inverted Pentagram. Both the phrase and the pentagram also appear on The Colt, on the barrell and the grip, respectively.

The fly leaf of the journal indicates Samuel started the journal in 1860.


The journal contained several hunting notes, handwritten by himself. Its most notable content was located by Dean was an entry that reads "March 5th, 1861. Sunrise, Wyoming territory. Gun killed a Phoenix today. Left a pile of smoldering ashes."


The journal was under the possession of the Campbells, although it was later taken by either the Winchesters or Bobby himself, and was kept with the other stache of journals inside the old hunter's house.


  • While the Winchesters interpreted the journal to mean that Samuel Colt killed a phoenix in 1861, the journal in fact only states that the Colt killed a phoenix. It never states that it was in fact Samuel who did it.


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