Sampson was a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Overview Edit

Sampson was in the bank when Ronald Reznick came in and locking up the front door to the bank with a chain. Ron then runs into the lobby, pulls out his rifle and orders everyone to the ground. However, Sampson was not then in the lobby.

After Ron with Dean closed the persons from the lobby with Sam in the bank safe, they began to look for the Shapeshifter together. They found a dropped skin and a few more persons among them was also Sampson, they locked them in the safe and Sam joined Dean and Ron.

When Sam opened the safe door to let in fresh air, a security guard of the bank says that he feels bad, Sampson supports him and says that he gets a heart attack and that he needs a doctor.

Meanwhile, Dean finds the corpse of Sampson, and realizes that the Sampson in the safe is actually the Shapeshifter. Sampson's death is later avenged when the shapeshifter is killed by Dean with a silver letter opener. Sampson's body was later discovered by the police when they entered the bank.


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