Samantha Juarez is the co-owner of Smash! Pow! Collectibles in Salem, Ohio, alongside Dirk Winchell.


Samantha was taken by Jordan MacNeel under his wing and he taught them everything he knew about comics and gaming, along with Dirk Winchell and Stuart Blake.

When Jordan died of cancer, he left the store to Samantha and Dirk as the heirs of his shop.

Season 14Edit

As Stuart is closing the shop, and about to steal a Panthro figure, Samantha makes a video call to him asking about a bad Yelp review the store got after Stuart argued with a customer, which turned out somewhat actually true. While she appreciates his passion, Samantha asks Stuart to try and keep calm in the future, as the store needs all the customers it can get. Stuart agrees that he will try and asks if Samantha is coming to his game night; she enthusiastically agrees she is.

Sam and Dean Winchester arrive at the comic shop as insurance agents, asking about Stuart Blake and his incident. She tells them that since he was kicked out by his roommate over an argument, they can find him at his mother's home.

When Stuart get hospitalized after a ghostly chainsaw attack, Sam started his investigation in Stuart's residence. He found the image of Jordan, Samantha, and her friends. He approached her and asked about someone that recently died. Samantha revealed that Jordan who died some time ago. She also who revealed the cause of his death and informed Sam that his remains were cremated after death.

Jordan later possessed the life-size mannequin of Hatchet Man, knocking Sam unconscious and taking the shop's keys from Samantha before heading for the hospital to finish off Stuart. Trapped inside the store, Samantha and Sam later devised a chlorine bomb and blasted the rooftop access door, made their way to escape.

Escaping the store, Sam asked if there was some object that was attached to Jordan's spirit, as ghosts are usually tethered to some object and travel along with it. Samantha revealed to Sam that the keychain was Jordan's possession and the "Hatchet Man" took it along with him. The "Hatchet Man" was finally encountered by Dean, and fighting ensued. As Jordan was about to kill Dean, Sam and Samantha arrived and told Dean that the keychain was Jordan's tethered object. Dean took it, and Samantha and Sam burned the Batman keychain, laying Jordan's spirit to rest.



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