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Don't listen to him, he's not real.
— The imposter trying to trick Bobby Singer
in Taxi Driver

This unnamed demon impersonated Sam Winchester in Hell.


Season 8[]

In Taxi Driver, this demon appeared in Sam Winchester's form while he was rescuing Bobby Singer in an attempt to confuse Bobby after he kills two other demons. Both Sam's called Bobby to come with them and that the other Sam wasn't real until finally Bobby turned and stabbed one with the demon-killing knife. The Sam he stabbed was the demonic impersonator and he was killed. Sam asked if Bobby had known somehow and to Sam's shock, Bobby told him he "took a chance. 50/50." The two then flee, leaving the demon's body on the floor of Hell's dungeon.

Powers and Abilities[]

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


He possessed all the regular weaknesses of a demon.