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Invest in a treadmill desk, don't drink coffee, and stick to a raw food diet. I mean, God bless kale – am I right? Truth is (...) and this is hard to hear -- performing at your best requires all of your mental energy. Every last drop. You see, it's just not compatible with something like, uh hobbies or, uh -- or even having a family.
— Sam gives a lecture.
in Lebanon

Sam Winchester was a human from an alternate timeline where John Winchester disappeared in 2003.


After Dean wishes on the Baozhu in the hope of ridding Michael from his mind, it instead brings John Winchester from 2003. As a result, an alternate timeline is created where while Dean continued hunting, Sam remained at Stanford and is an internet famous corporate lawyer who owns his own law firm and gives TED Talk style lectures in which he espouses the value of kale. He also states that he has no time for family, seeing the concept as a hindrance to his performance in life.

After discovering the changes to the timeline, Dean finds a video of this Sam giving one of his lectures and shows it to the Sam Winchester of the original timeline. Dean is particularly disturbed that this version of Sam states that he has no time for family.

When John is returned to 2003, the alternate timeline is erased, erasing this version of Sam Winchester from existence.



  • Unlike the original Sam Winchester, this version wears glasses for an unknown reason.