Sam's revolver is a small revolver carried by hunter Sam Winchester and used for his witch-killing bullets.


After creating the witch-killing bullets, hunter Sam Winchester loads this gun with them in an attempt to threaten witch Rowena MacLeod into removing the Mark of Cain from Dean. However, Rowena sees through the bluff as she knows that Sam needs her help.

Sam once again uses the gun to threaten Rowena when she is removing the Attack Dog Spell from Castiel. When Rowena hesitates, Sam reminds her that the revolver is loaded with witch-killing bullets and she finishes the reversal spell. Rowena then quickly disarms Sam and escapes.

While going after the witch Sonja, Sam removes the revolver from the trunk of the Impala where he has apparently left it, already loaded with witch-killing bullets. When Dean gives the gun a skeptical look, Sam explains that its loaded with witch-killing bullets. After finding the Qareen's heart, Sam lays the gun down on a table before being ambushed by Sonja. As Sonja attempts to strangle Sam, Melissa Harper interrupts, allowing Sam to retrieve the gun and kill Sonja.

After realizing that they are dealing with witches after Dean is cursed, Sam arms himself with the revolver again. Sam draws the gun when Rowena shows up in case its an enemy and later displays the gun to Rowena when demonstrating how he will handle the Loughlin Family. However, despite Sam's attempts to threaten Catriona Loughlin with the gun, he is subdued and captured by Catriona and Boyd before he can use the gun.

After the Plum sisters place Dean under a love spell, Sam shows up wielding his revolver to rescue Dean. However, the magically infatuated Dean attacks Sam before he can use the gun, allowing the sisters to escape. Later, when the Winchesters go after the Plum sisters, Sam is again armed with the revolver which is loaded with witch-killing bullets. Sam loses the gun again in the fight that follows.

When Rowena returns to killing again, Sam confronts her with his revolver and tries to shoot her. However, Rowena stops the bullet with telekinesis and abducts Sam. When Dean gets outside, all he finds is the gun lying on the ground.



  • While unconfirmed, it appears to be the same gun that Dean loaned Claire Novak and then took back in Angel Heart. If so, then it was once used to shoot the Grigori Tamiel.
  • For an unknown reason, Sam appears to prefer using this gun for firing witch-killing bullets rather than loading his regular pistol with them. In contrast, Dean uses his Colt M1911A1 for witch-killing bullets rather than employing a similar practice.
  • During confrontations with witches, Sam has a tendency to lose the gun. He only regained it in time to kill the offending witch in Love Hurts.
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