She's got fight. I like that. I married the last girl that spit in my face.
Salinger about Claire Novak
Salinger is a loan shark.

Overview Edit

Salinger is a loan shark to whom Randy owes money from borrowing. When Randy ends up with a debt of five thousand dollars, Randy relies on Claire to obtain the money before Salinger comes to collect, but Claire fails.

Claire returns home to find Salinger and his goons surrounding Randy, who is tied up. When Salinger takes an interest in Claire, he agrees to reduce Randy's debt in exchange for Claire, and Randy agrees.

Salinger attempts to rape Claire but is interrupted by Sam, Dean and Castiel, who burst into the house to save the girl. They manage to take Claire outside, while Salinger attacks Dean and beats on him. This causes the Mark of Cain to ignite, and Dean ends up slaughtering everyone inside the house, including Salinger and Randy.


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