We're the Sacrament Lutheran Militia. Hate to tell you this, but those were demons and this is the Apocalypse. So... buckle up.
Rob on the militia
in 99 Problems

The Sacrament Lutheran Militia was a militia formed by the townspeople of Blue Earth, Minnesota during the Apocalypse under the influence of the Whore of Babylon.


During the Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon came to Blue Earth, Minnesota and killed Leah Gideon, taking her place. As Leah, the Whore pretended to be a Prophet that was getting visions from the angels. The Whore organized the townspeople to fight the demons that were besieging the town, in reality demons under her control. The Whore pretended to get visions of where the demons would be and provided the militia with a fake Enochian exorcism to use on the demons. The townspeople grew into a highly organized militia and named it the Sacrament Lutheran Militia.

Eventually, Paul, Dylan and Rob rescued hunters Sam and Dean Winchester from a demon attack. Curious, the Winchesters investigated the situation and aided the militia in an attack that killed eight demons and left Dylan dead as well. The Whore used this event to further manipulate the militia, telling the townspeople that they would be reunited with their loved ones when the end came and cut had them cut the town off from the outside world. Shortly afterwards, the Whore stated that Paul was an unbeliever that they must get rid of. This led to Jane murdering Paul, the first step in the Whore condemning the town to Hell.

Shortly afterwards, the Whore claimed to have been told that the world would end at midnight and that she had been given a list of unbelievers to get rid of. Amongst those listed were innocent children, but the militia was so under the Whore's influence at this point that they obeyed due to the promise of going to Heaven. As the militia members prepared to burn the innocent people to Hell, the Winchesters, the angel Castiel and Pastor David Gideon attacked with the intention of killing the Whore. The Whore claimed that Pastor Gideon was possessed by demons, causing the militia members to attack Pastor Gideon while Sam stopped Rob from lighting the room where the innocent people were held on fire. Eventually, Dean was able to kill the Whore in front of several militia members, revealing her true nature and manipulation to the townspeople.

Following the death of the Whore and the revelation of her true nature, the militia presumably disbanded.

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