Oh, there were a few unfortunate failures. But I eventually got it right. Quiet, smart, inconspicuous. It can spread through a whole town in under a day.
Eve, describing the perfected Jefferson Starship
in Mommy Dearest

Ryan Silver was a human child residing in Grants Pass, Oregon, where Eve began her creation of the Jefferson Starships. He was the younger brother of Joe Silver. He was later turned as Eve's first perfected Jefferson Starship.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ryan, along with his elder brother Joe, was orphaned and captured by Eve's Jefferson Starships. After being saved by Sam and Dean Winchester, Ryan and his brother were subjected to multiple tests by the hunters to verify their humanity. Deeming the young boys to be human, the Winchesters promised to accompany Ryan and Joe to their surviving relative.

After a long drive, Ryan was finally taken in by his uncle. However, unbeknownst to the hunters, Joe and the children's uncle, Ryan was actually turned by Eve into the perfected form of the Jefferson Starship. A few moments after the hunters left, Ryan became aggressive and attacked his brother, turning him into another Jefferson Starship in the process. Joe turned in a matter of minutes and joined his brother in attacking their uncle.

Ryan's corpse.

Eve planned Ryan to start infecting the whole town, but Crowley and his demons managed to track Ryan. They killed Ryan and his brother and uncle before they could turn other humans into Jefferson Starships.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ryan possessed many abilities that are innate with Jefferson Starships. However, as he was considered by Eve to be the final and perfect form, Ryan was able to pass through common hunter methods of identifying monsters. Moreover, Eve described him to be 'intelligent, cunning and strong'. Eve also mentioned that Ryan was extremely infectious and could turn the entire town in less than a day.

  • Super strength - He had the strength to take down his full-grown uncle.
  • Invulnerability - He can only be killed by decapitation with a silver knife.
  • Super speed - Once turned, he moved at an incredible speed.
  • Super agility - He was more agile than normal humans.
  • Super stamina - He wouldn't tire, however he would still require sustenance.
  • Shapeshifting - Jefferson Starships can assume the form of human beings, like Shapeshifters, it's unclear if they shed like standard shifters or not.
  • Fangs - He had sharp, retractable fangs like vampires, which he used to attack his brother and uncle.
  • Spikes - He had extendable spikes concealed in his wrists, like a wraith.
  • Infectious Bite - Like a werewolf, he can turn humans into Starships by biting them.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Much like their powers, as hybrids, Jefferson Starships share weaknesses with other monsters.

  • Decapitation- The weakness of Vampires.
  • Retinal Flare - Like Shapeshifters, they have a retinal flare when filmed.
  • Angelic Powers - Castiel was able to easily obliterate all the Starships in the diner after he got his powers back.
  • Heart Extraction- Crowley's demons killed two starships by ripping their hearts out through their chests.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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