Russell Wellington is the man responsible for the death of Charlie's parents.

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Russell was in a car accident that took the life of Celeste Middleton's parents, specifically, it put Celeste's mother, Gertrude Middleton, in a coma.

Russell was drunk at the time, yet he was sober for what he did after the accident. In the week of the accident, he reported his car stolen, which was never recovered, and he took two weeks off work, only to return with bruises and a broken ankle.

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Dark Charlie seeks to win Good Charlie over by taking revenge on the people who wronged her in the past. When Sam and Dean begin tracking down said people in order to capture her, they discover Russell. Dean decides to wait around Russell in case Dark Charlie shows up, and goes to meet with Russell under the false name "Mr. Presley".

Before Russell can tell him to leave due to a lack of time to spare, Dean confronts him on the incident, but he nervously tells Dean he has him confused. Just then, the lights go out. Dean urges Russell to stay put while Dean checks outside his office, and finds Dark Charlie in the waiting room.

Dark Charlie manages to convince Dean that she simply wants to talk to the man. After giving Dean her knife, Dean relents, and lets Dark Charlie approach Russell, who recognizes her instantly, and desperately apologizes. Dark Charlie slams the door shut, locking Dean out and takes Russell's letter opener and stabs him with it. She then flees out the window.

This news noticeably upsets Good Charlie.

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