Russell was one of Famine's victims.


At the decision of Heaven, Russell was destined to be with a local girl named Alice. To enable their union, a Cupid was sent down to mark their hearts and bind the couple together.

After spending their first date together, Russell dropped Alice off at her apartment. The two agreed to meet again on Sunday so they didn't have to be alone on Valentine's Day again. However, Russell and Alice ended up making out inside Alice's apartment. Their kiss grew wilder as Russell pleaded not to feel alone and empty again.

Their kiss grew so passionate and out of control that the two began eating chunks out of each other's flesh. In their mad frenzy, the two ended up devouring each other to the point of death. Their bloodied remains were found by Alice's friend, who reported it to FBI agents Sam and Dean Winchester.

According to the friend, Russell was still chewing a little upon being found. Sam and Dean later discovered that Russell and Alice's love for each other had been driven to extreme levels as a result of Famine arriving in town. Russell and Alice's souls were later collected by Famine's Soul Carrier, for Famine to devour.


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