Russ was a pureblood werewolf, a cousin of Bess Fitzgerald and a member of the Maw of Fenris.


Russ was a werewolf and a member of Reverend Jim Myers congregation. A first cousin of Bess Fitzgerald, Russ was also a secret member of the Maw of Fenris.

Season 9Edit

After hunter Dean Winchester came to town, he visited one of Reverend Myers' services where Garth introduced him to Russ and Jobah. Russ took part in an awkward dinner with Dean and afterwards attempted to intimidate the hunter into leaving with Jobah before being interrupted by Garth.

After Sam discovers Garth and Bess missing, he is ambushed by Russ and Jobah with Russ knocking him out with a tire iron. After Sam awakens, Russ is sent to guard the perimeter. Smelling Dean, Russ tracks the scent only to discover Dean's jacket laying on a fence. As Russ stares at it in confusion, Dean comes up from behind him and stabs Russ through the heart from behind with a silver knife, killing him. Dean then dons Russ' jacket to mask his scent, allowing him to sneak up on Jobah and Joy Myers. Dean kills them both and saves Sam, Garth, and Bess.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Russ had all the powers of a werewolf:

  • Shapeshifting - As a werewolf, Russ had the ability to shift between human and wolf form. As a pureblood, he could do this at any time.
  • Infectious bite - Russ possessed the ability to turn others into werewolves through his bite.
  • Claws and Fangs - Werewolves have powerful claws and are able to cut through solid walls. Their fangs can tear human flesh and can rip out a human heart right out of their chest cavity. Pureblood werewolves are able to transform just their claws without transforming fully.
  • Superhuman Strength - As a werewolf, Russ had strength greater than that of a normal human.
  • Enhanced Agility - Werewolves agility is greater than humans, often allowing them to perform incredible jumps and sprints easily.
  • Super speed - Werewolves are capable of moving inhumanly fast.
  • Super stamina - Werewolves do not tire easily.
  • Super Senses - All werewolves are able to see better than humans in darkness, similar to actual wolves, their sense of smell and hearing is equally enhanced.
  • Invulnerability - Werewolves can't be killed by conventional means and weapons. Silver however, can kill them.
  • Regeneration - Werewolves can regenerate all non-lethal damage, purebloods are even able to completely heal their original bites.


  • Scent Misdirection - Dean was able to fool Russ' sense of smell by leaving his jacket on a fence.
  • Silver - As a werewolf, Russ was vulnerable to silver. Dean killed him with a silver knife through the heart.


  • Russ only has one line: "He's awake."


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