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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* [[Gabriel]] is the only [[archangel]] not too be the ruler of heaven or [[hell]]
* [[Gabriel]] is the only [[archangel]] not to be the ruler of heaven or [[hell]]

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The Ruler of Heaven is the leader of heaven's angels.


Before Lucifer tricked Gadreel, God ruled Heaven from his throne room, but after the incident, God left Heaven and Michael, being the most powerful angel, became viceroy over all of Heaven. After Michael fell in the cage, Raphael easily took control of Heaven. After being utterly obliterated by Castiel, who was powered to an enormous degree by 30-40 million souls and Leviathan, Castiel used this power to rule over Heaven and obliterated anyone or anything that opposed him. After returning the souls to Purgatory, Heaven seemed to become leaderless, but eventually Naomi took control over Heaven, controlling it to her whim. After Metatron killed her and expelled all the angels with a spell, he became king over Heaven. After Metatron was defeated, Hannah currently leads Heaven.

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Known Rulers of Heaven


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