Killing angels is my hobby and my passion. So... I figured, it's only a matter of time before the dicks upstairs get wind'a this. And when they show... me and Rufus go to work. He's loaded with a hundred rounds cast from old angel blades.
So say hello to my little friend!

Rufus is the name given to an assault rife by an alternate reality Bobby Singer.


In the Apocalypse World, Bobby Singer loaded the assault rifle he named Rufus with a hundred angel-killing bullets. Bobby used the gun to kill angels whenever he saw any.

In 2017, after Castiel arrived with Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby showed Rufus to them and explained its purpose. The idea of angel-killing bullets intrigued Dean who got Bobby to give him Rufus to use against the archangel Lucifer.

After luring Lucifer through the rift into Apocalypse World, Dean armed himself with Rufus, claiming that he had a bet with "an old, new friend" on whether or not the gun would work on an archangel. As Sam and Crowley prepared a ritual to seal the rift, Dean opened fire on Lucifer with Rufus, causing Lucifer pain but otherwise failing to harm him. After Dean ran out of bullets, Lucifer snatched Rufus from him, smacked Dean in the face with the gun and then tossed it aside.

Bobby presumably recovered Rufus as six months later, he threatened Jack and Mary Winchester with the gun. After realizing that Mary was from another world based on his previous experience with Sam and Dean, Bobby lowered Rufus and led Jack and Mary back to his colony.

Months later, Bobby carries Rufus during the Exodus from Apocalypse World, hanging partially out of the bus door with the gun to act as protection in case of an angel attack. When Bobby goes through the rift to the Main Universe, he brings Rufus with him.

Three weeks after Lucifer's death, Bobby wields Rufus, loaded with devil's trap bullets, against demons working for Kipling. Bobby takes down one demon with the devil's trap bullets, but is disarmed before he can shoot anyone else.

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