Rufus' Cabin is located in Whitefish, Montana. After the destruction of Bobby's house by the Leviathan Edgar, Bobby, Sam and Dean use the cabin that belonged to Rufus Turner as their base. Bobby states that Rufus hadn't used it in a number of years.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The main part of the cabin is an open plan area containing a kitchen area, table and chairs and sofa and television. At one end a couple of steps lead to an area with a fireplace against the middle back wall, surmounted by the Deer's Head and flank by a camp bed on one side and a bunk on the other. There is also a basement which Kevin Tran stated "looks like a sex torture dungeon."


Season 7Edit

Following their escape from the Leviathans at Sioux Falls general Hospital, Bobby and the boys move into Rufus's Cabin. They stay there during the weeks that it takes for Dean's broken leg to heal.


Dean and Sam return to Rufus's old cabin in Whitefish, Montana, with Chet. Bobby chains him in the basement and through trial and error tries to find out how to harm or kill leviathans, with little success.

After Sam and Dean leave to hunt down their leviathan Doppelgangers, Sheriff Jodie Mills arrives to thank Bobby for saving her from the leviathans, and offers her condolences for the loss of his home. Bobby continues working on Chet in the basement, when something drips down from the floor above, burning the leviathan. Bobby finds Jodie cleaning a spill with a borax-based cleaning solution - and kisses her in delight.

SPN 0142

Sam and Dean in Rufus's cabin.

The week of Bobby's death, the brothers relocate to the cabin, in shock. Days pass, during which Dean fills the cabin with notes on the numbers Bobby provided just before his death. Three weeks later, the brothers are still at the cabin, until Sam answers a call on Bobby's old cellphone from Krissy Chambers.

Later, Dean stops at the cabin and makes phone calls as he tries to find a way to help Sam, who has been awake for five days, tormented by Lucifer's hallucination, who tells Sam he'll only survive another week without sleep.

At the cabin, Bobby's ghost explains Dick Roman's plan to cure humanity of diseases, and then use them for food. When the boys are alerted to the fact that Frank Devereaux's hard drive has been stolen, they leave to investigate.

Sam and Dean are at the cabin when they are trying to work out how to best use Kevin's translation of The Word of God. Bobby manifests to Dean while he is in the bathroom, demanding they take action. They summon Crowley who agrees to give his blood for the weapon to use against Dick Roman, but not yet. He gives them the location of the Alpha Vampire by burning it into the table top.

SPN 0230

Dean will talk to Castiel.

Castiel returns to the cabin, bringing Meg along with him. Crowley appears and informs Sam and Dean he will help them. Castiel is adamant that he will not be involved in any fighting, although Crowley indicates he will be integral to defeating the Leviathans.

After returning from Normandy with a sandwich he made himself for Dean and Sam, Castiel also does the dishes. It is in the basement of the cabin that, at his request, the boys destroy Bobby's flask in order to send Bobby's ghost from the world.

Season 8Edit

In "We Need To Talk About Kevin", after escaping Purgatory, Dean encounters Sam in Rufus' cabin, where they discuss the events of the latter year, during which Dean was imprisoned in Purgatory and Sam had given up hunting for a normal life.


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