Rudy was a hunter who knew Sam and Dean Winchester.


Sam told Dean Winchester that there was a Kitsune near Boise, Idaho, but that Rudy was handling it. While Sam was out, Dean called Rudy to offer assistance, which Rudy declined.[1]

When Dean was trying to track down the location of the Styne Family based on security cam footage of one of their vehicles, a black sedan, he called Rudy to check the plates. Rudy determined that the sedan was registered to Eldon Styne, in Shreveport, Louisiana, but there was not a specific address listed.[2]

After Dean left the Men of Letters bunker, he received a call from Rudy about a gang of vampires in Superior, Nebraska. Dean, however, preferred to hunt down the vampires on his own. Rudy called Sam to see what was going on with Dean, so Sam asked Rudy to text him the details, as he was heading there as well.

Rudy was taken hostage by a vampire named Reggie, but when Dean showed up, he taunted the vampire, and told Rudy to just walk away. After Reggie did not let Rudy go, and Rudy did not walk away, Dean lunged at the vampire. Reggie was startled, and stabbed Rudy in the chest, killing him. Dean then decapitated the vampire, avenging Rudy's death.

After Rudy's death, Dean was disturbed by Rudy's reflection in the mirror, a display of guilt that Dean felt for not doing more to prevent his death.




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