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This unnamed girl, known only as Coma Girl or Jane Doe is a vessel used in Season 4 by the demon Ruby.

This unnamed girl was a coma patient who was known only as Jane Doe. The coma girl died in her coma one day, however, before her body could be taken away, the demon Ruby took control over it and used it as her new vessel. The Coma girl's corpse appeared at various times in Season 4.


In a flashback to the time when Sam and Ruby became close, Ruby visits Sam using a blonde girl as a host. Sam feels uncomfortable with Ruby using a living girl as her host so Ruby smokes out. In a hospital we see a young brunette girl, under the name "Jane Doe", lying in a coma. She dies and the doctors remove her oxygen but she suddenly arises with breath and becomes the new vessel for Ruby.

Later, in present time, Ruby uses a temporary vessel to track down Sam and Dean and give them her whereabouts. Sam asks where Coma Girl is and Ruby says that she is slowly rotting on the floor.

Dean kills Ruby with her own knife, making Jane Doe vacant.

In Sympathy for the Devil, her body can be seen laying on the floor and is obliterated when Lucifer's release destroys St. Mary's Convent.

In Destiny's Child, Ruby uses her as a vessel while meeting with Anael in flashbacks. Anael comments in one that she suits Ruby better than Ruby's blonde vessel, causing the demon to roll her eyes. Later, when Castiel visits Ruby in the Empty, she takes on the form of her brunette vessel to communicate with the angel.