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Royce was a Leviathan that worked for Dick Roman.


Season 7[]

At SucroCorp, he monitored and supervised over Kevin Tran, and took Polly in. He was responsible for testing the additive creamer and was present during Dick Roman's board presentation in front of the other Leviathans. While he is testing the additives, Dick compliments him and says he smells a promotion. He is immediately drenched in Borax by Castiel and beheaded by Dean.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Powerful Jaws - As a Leviathan, Royce possessed a set of large retractable jaws to act as a weapon or as a feeding mechanism.
  • Super Strength - Royce was stronger than most demons, angels and all humans.
  • Invulnerability - As a Leviathan, Royce could not be killed by conventional means.
  • Possession - Royce was able to forcibly possess beings.


As a low-ranking Leviathan, Royce possessed weaknesses inherent in all Leviathans.

  • Higher Leviathans - Royce was subservient to Dick Roman.
  • Borax - Borax was able to cause Royce great pain and neutralise him for a brief period.
  • Decapitation - Royce was successfully neutralised by Dean Winchester through beheading.



  • Royce's body disappears when his head is chopped off by Dean, possibly implying he is transported to Purgatory, or simply a production error.