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Roy Le Grange is a blind preacher who "heals" people with Faith Healing.


Season 1[]

Before he could heal people, Roy Le Grange was a reverend in a church who one day woke up blind. They told him he was suffering from cancer and he fell into a coma. He told his wife, Sue Ann, to keep praying. Thanks to his wife's actions that he was not aware of, he awoke from the coma, still blind, but now with the ability to "heal" people. Soon after people flocked to his church.

One day, he chooses Dean Winchester as the next person to be healed. He "heals" Dean's heart problem. It is later discovered that Roy's "healing" comes from a reaper that his wife Sue Ann is controlling. Someone has to die so another can live. Roy does not know this and strongly believes that he is working God's will. He loses this ability before he can heal Layla and his wife, Sue Ann, passes from a "stroke". In reality, the reaper turned against her.[1]




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