This article is about a character in Season 1. For one of the two hunters who killed Sam and Dean in the Season 5 episode Dark Side of the Moon, see Roy.

Roy was a guide hired by Haley and Ben Collins to help them find their missing brother Tommy Collins.


Season 1Edit

When Sam and Dean show up to help find Tommy, but in reality to hunt an unknown supernatural creature, Roy doesn't take them seriously. He was suspicious of their cover as Park Rangers and thought that they weren't prepared for the outdoors and were just immature kids. Roy himself was a capable hunter, despite the fact that he hadn't hunted anything supernatural. When Dean thinks that Roy is an inferior hunter, and begins to ask about what Roy has hunted and if he has ever been hunted by his prey, Roy prevents Dean from stepping in a well-concealed and probably forgotten bear trap. When Sam and Dean realized that they were hunting a Wendigo, Roy doesn't listen to them, even laughing in their faces. Eventually the Wendigo singles Roy out and tricks him into leaving the safety of the others, doing so by using its ability to mimic human voices. The Wendigo did get shot by Roy, but was not affected by the bullet due to the fact that only fire could kill it. Angered by being shot, the Wendigo broke Roy's neck, rather than taking Roy back to his lair as a food source.[1]



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