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Roxy Carmichael was a banshee from Supernatural: Nevermore.


Shortly after the band Scottso started out, Roxy, then hooked on all sorts of drugs, visited the Park in Rear and met lead singer Manfred Afiri. Manfred took Roxy home and they had sex that night and another time later and Roxy fell in love with his house.

Roxy eventually went into rehab for her drug addiction and got clean, also getting sober from her alcoholism. While in AA, Roxy met Aldo Emmanuelli, a guitar player for Scottso and started a relationship with him. While Aldo's girlfriend, Roxy drew great interest from the members of Scottso who were all attracted to her, though she had no more interest in Manfred beyond his house after getting clean. Roxy eventually got bored of Aldo and started an affair with Scottso bass player Eddie Grabowski, sleeping with him in Manfred's house while Eddie was house-sitting during the time Manfred was at a reunion. After having sex with Eddie, Roxy attempted to start a relationship with him, but Eddie wasn't interested in Roxy beyond sex. During the argument that followed, Eddie pushed Roxy down the stairs, killing her. Eddie then buried Roxy's body in the backyard and she was reported missing to the NYPD's 49th precinct on September 23, 2004 while Aldo assumed Roxy simply ran out on him.

Following Roxy's murder, she was visited by a Reaper in the form of her Uncle Cal, the one member of her family she was close to. While the Reaper attempted to get Roxy to come with him, Roxy refused to accept that she was dead and remained on Earth as a Banshee, tied to Manfred's house and hoping that he would realize she was dead and there. However, Manfred never did and after two years, Roxy snapped and manifested in Manfred's house, attempting to call out to him and get his attention to her situation, appearing each time he got back from a gig at the Park in Rear with Scottso. Instead, Roxy's attempts only manifested in her shaking the house and screaming "Love Me" at Manfred. Manfred eventually contacted Ash who told Ellen Harvelle. To help Manfred, Ellen contacted Sam and Dean Winchester to look into Manfred's haunting.

After the Winchesters arrival, Roxy manifested screaming "love me" and shaking Manfred's house before Sam dissipated her with a salt shotgun blast. After the Winchesters saw Roxy's Queensryche shirt, Manfred recognized that Aldo's girlfriend Roxy had one and the Winchesters began looking at Roxy as the ghost. The next night, Roxy was only able to pull herself back together somewhat and laughed crazily and caused some shaking, but didn't manifest fully so as not to risk another shotgun blast. On Sunday night, Roxy did little more than shake the house, still weakened and not wanting to risk getting blasted again.

After Manfred informed them of his past with Roxy and they learned of her status as a missing person from Detective Marina McBain, the Winchesters began to suspect that Aldo murdered Roxy and buried her in the backyard of Manfred's house when he was supposed to be house-sitting. However, the Winchesters realized that they couldn't dig up Roxy's corpse and salt and burn her without destroying the evidence that would put her killer in jail. Instead, they had Manfred call a band meeting and then confronted Scottso with all of the facts they gathered. When that had no effect, Sam cast a summoning spell that brought Roxy into visibility. Roxy went after Eddie, demanding that he love her and his screams that she was dead and buried exposed him as her killer. Sam then dissipated Roxy with a shotgun blast and Eddie reluctantly confessed to Roxy's murder, claiming it was an accident at first. When contacted by Detective McBain, Sam lets her know of the development in them solving Roxy's murder and McBain contacts the 50th precinct to arrest Eddie and dig up Roxy's body. Frightened by Roxy's appearance and threatened by Scottso, Eddie confesses to Roxy's murder when the police arrive and leads them to Roxy's body.

Following Eddie's arrest, McBain closes the missing person's case on Roxy and transfers it over to the homicide division. Sam lets her know that while Eddie's arrest likely means that Roxy is at peace, she may not be at rest due to them not salting and burning her body. Indeed, Roxy's spirit lingers as her Reaper never returned for her. Content with Eddie's arrest, Roxy decides to quietly haunt Manfred's house as she likes both it and him.

A little over a year later, Sam and Dean briefly discuss Roxy's spirit after learning the ghost of Terrance Naylor was fully conscious even when he couldn't manifest or do anything. In that time, they haven't been contacted by Manfred about Roxy's spirit acting up again but wonder if they did the right thing by not burning her body.

Powers and Abilities

Roxy was a ghost with rather weak abilities.


  • Salt - Like all ghosts, Roxy can be dissipated with salt. She is more vulnerable to salt than most ghosts and takes longer to recover from a shotgun blast of it.
  • Salting and burning of remains - Like all other ghosts, Roxy can be put to rest by salting and burning her remains.


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