Regarding Dean 07

Rowena's doll is a one-eyed, blond-haired, voodoo doll Rowena carries with her for unknown purposes.


The doll has a missing right eye, no nose, and a big red heart plastered to its chest.

Rowena first uses it to distract Dean Winchester. Affected by a Memory Curse, Dean began losing his memory as well as his maturity, and could not stop touching Rowena's belongings. Exasperated, Rowena ordered him to play with the doll and a ball of pins.

Amused, Dean took it and randomly poked the doll with the pins. He went as far as to poke the doll through the eye, though he caused no lasting damage.

The doll reappeared a month or so later, after Lucifer had murdered Rowena and looked through her things. He found the doll, and held onto it for a time during his conversation with Sam Winchester through the phone.



  • Some fans speculated that the doll is based on Donald Trump.
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