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She kept journals. (...) Yeah. Her spellwork. All of it. Right up until the end.

Rowena's Journals are a series of journals created by witch Rowena MacLeod chronicling her spellwork and everything she learned about magic over the course of her life.



The journals were written by Rowena MacLeod over the course of her centuries-long life. They chronicled her spellwork and everything she learned about magic over the course of her life, including the various spells she created and used. One spell was the Spirit Resurrection Spell Rowena had been creating to resurrect Mary Winchester. She also used them to write down her various translations of the Book of the Damned.

Season 11[]

In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, while translating the Book of the Damned to find a way to speak to Lucifer, Rowena wrote her translations down in one of her journals which she later carried with her into Hell to perform the spell.

Season 14[]

In Absence, Rowena wrote her latest translations of the Book of the Damned in one of her journals as she prepared for the Necromantiorum to resurrect Mary Winchester before Jack arrived for her help.

Season 15[]

In The Rupture, when Stevie brings the ingredients for the Sanetur Acre Vulnus spell, Rowena is writing in one of her journals as the hunters talk, apparently writing down instructions for Sam to study for his part in the spell. Later, Sam studies from the journal as he prepares for his part in the spell and has to be reminded by Rowena to focus due to his concern for Dean.

In Golden Time, following Rowena's death, Sam travels to her apartment in search of Rowena's magical stash, her journals in particular, to find out how to create a Soul Catcher. The ghost of Eileen Leahy helps Sam find a hidden room where the stash was hidden, saddening Sam with the reminder of his friend. While Sam leafs through one of the journals, a loose page falls out containing the spell Rowena had been creating to resurrect Mary. Sam realizes he could use it to bring back Eileen, but comes into conflict with the Witch Mother and Emily who seek to use the spell to resurrect Jacinda instead. After the witches are dealt with, Sam brings the journals and the rest of Rowena's stash back to the Men of Letters bunker.

In Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, Sam casts a spell from one of the journals to transport himself, Dean and Castiel to Hell.

In The Trap, when God reveals that he purposefully led Sam to the resurrection spell, a flashback to Sam finding it in the apartment is shown.

In Destiny's Child, when traveling to Hell via spell again, Sam is sure that he can perform the spell again as he still has Rowena's notes on it in her journals. In addition, one of Rowena's journals is visible on the table next to the spell bowl as Jack and Castiel talk about Castiel's plan to visit Ruby in the Empty.

In Despair, Sam shows Bobby one of Rowena's journals stating that he found a spell in it, Praeses Magna, to boost the strength of all the warding. Sam later reads from the journal as he casts the spell.


The journals contain all of Rowena's spellwork and magic throughout her life right up until her death and effectively act as her life's work in magic. Though regular journals with no magical properties of their own, the knowledge contained within is extremely valuable given Rowena's long life, vast knowledge and access to spellbooks such as the Book of the Damned and the Black Grimoire. Rowena kept detailed information about each of the spells in the journals, making it possible for someone like Sam Winchester to use the journals as a guide to aid them in casting a spell chronicled in the journal or to cast one without her.

Known information in the books include: