Rosie Holt is the baby child of Monica Holt and Charlie Holt. While her appearance is minor, she is revealed to be a candidate for Azazel's special children. It is unknown which of Rosie's parents made a deal with him, though, as they both seem unaware of his existence. Rosie's year of birth is 2006.


Season 1Edit

Rosie was originally not born in Salvation, but moved with her parents after her birth. Her mother, Monica, said she never cried, was always on her best behavior and stared at everyone as if she were reading their minds. The day of her six-month birthday, Sam and Dean, and John come to Salvation, and Sam, recognizing Monica from a recent vision, introduces himself to the pair as they are walking down the street. When he gets to know that Rosie is six months to the day, he and Dean wait outside her house. Sam's vision showed Azazel coming to her nursery and killing Monica, in the same way that his own mother was killed. In Rosie's nursery that night, Azazel feeds the child demon blood, but Monica interrupts the process. Because of this, Azazel tries to kill Monica like he tried to kill Mary, but flees when Sam appears and tries to shoot him with the Colt, giving Sam only seconds to take Rosie out before her crib starts burning.

It is not known what happened afterward, but because Ruby tells Sam that he is the sole survivor of Azazel's special children, it is assumed that Azazel did not get the chance to infect Rosie with the demon blood and make her one of the special children.[1]



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