Roseleen Greenfield is a fan of rock star Vince Vincente.



Roseleen was a resident of Arcadia who fell deeply in love with rock star Vince Vincente when she was 16. This deep sense of devotion was met with ridicule by her co-workers, though this did not discourage Roseleen, and she even got tattoos depicting Vince's band.

At some point, Roseleen met Vince himself, but went ignored for many years. She never blamed him though.

Season 12Edit

When Vince announces the band's reunion, Roseleen is present at Death Siren Studio and congratulates Vince on the fans' positive reaction on Twitter. Once she is alone with Vince, Roseleen expresses her confusion on why Vince is suddenly noticing her. Vince explains that he was a fool for not recognizing her "sweet devotion". Vince then asks her to describe him.

Intrigued that Roseleen is willing to do anything he asks, Vince orders her to bleed for him, by carving his name into her chest. Roseleen is afraid but does so anyway, unaware that it is the archangel Lucifer giving her the order.

As a result, Roseleen ends up in hospital where she is visited by Sam and Dean Winchester, who ask her if Vince made her do this. Roseleen argues that Vince didn't force her to do this, but that it was her own choice. Roseleen wanted to make Vince happy. When Dean badmouths Vince for wanting her to mutilate herself, Roseleen is furious. She believes Vince had a very good reason for this, and is convinced that if she sees him again, he will tell her.

Despite her injuries, Roseleen tries to get to Vince's new show, but is ultimately unable to do so.

Later on, Roseleen watches the news from her hospital bed as a report comes on about Vince's death. She is shown crying as she watches Vince's body get taken away.



  • Roseleen's blind devotion to Vince somewhat mirrors an angel's blind devotion to God, something Lucifer detests, which may explain why Lucifer wanted her to cut herself out of loyalty as a twisted way of emphasizing the consequences of having such devotion.
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