Rose McKinley was a resident of Superior, Nebraska that fell victim to two vampires.


Rose grew up in Superior, Nebraska where she was best friends with Crystal Thorrson and was believed to have no boyfriend.

After Reggie and his friend came to town, Rose's brother J.J. introduced both Rose and Crystal to the two who he believed were in town to drink and meet girls. Rose and Crystal left one night, presumably to have sex with the two, unaware that they were vampires. The two vampires drained Rose of blood and kidnapped Crystal, dumping Rose's body in a ditch at a roadside.

Rose's murder drew the attention of the hunter Rudy who called in fellow hunter Dean Winchester. Dean's investigation of Rose's murder led to J.J. informing him about Reggie and his friend. Dean was able to kill the two vampires, avenging Rose's death and letting him rescue Crystal, but his actions resulted in the death of Rudy.


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