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Rose Brown was a woman who was bullied by her co-workers, and was eventually accidentally killed by them. She had a younger sister named Isabel Brown.


Rose was a very lonely, shy woman and didn't have many friends. Her co-workers enjoyed picking on her and as a result, she was often bullied at work. She began to get love letters in her locker at work, seemingly from a secret admirer. She continued to happily receive them, until one day the secret admirer set up a date. After it appeared to be her co-workers playing another joke on her, Rose got upset and tried to leave. They tried to stop her and have her take the joke but in these efforts to stop her, she slipped and smashed her head on a table, killing her. The men were horrified by this and Johnny quickly tried report it but Steve stopped him since this was an implicating scene before they buried Rose in the woods.

Rose later returned as a spirit and began to punish the men who bullied and tormented her that night. She first killed the college janitor, followed by a security guard, and the co-worker who still worked at the factory. She had put scars on all of her victims' foreheads like she had on hers at the time of her death before using mannequins to get the killing done. The details of her death were soon told to Sam.

Her final, although unintentional victim is Isabel, her own sister who had received a kidney from Rose. She possessed the Impala and chased down Sam and Dean, who happened to be with Isabel, and in the ensuing struggle Isabel was mortally wounded. Rose apologized to her sister and burst into flames.

Powers and Abilities

  • Possession - Rose had the ability to possess inanimate objects such as mannequins, which she used to kill her victims. She even possessed the Impala.
  • Biokinesis - Rose could cause wounds similar to the ones she suffered to appear on her victims.
  • Thermokinesis - Like any other type of spirit, her presence caused the temperature to drop severely.
  • Electronic manipulation - As a ghost, Rose's presence could cause nearby electronics to malfunction and was even able to take over the Impala.
  • Invisibility - Rose could remain invisible to the living if she so desired.
  • Teleportation - Rose could appear and disappear in a flickering, distorted form.


  • Guilt - Rose's spirit was put to rest by the accidental death of her sister.