Rose's pack was a pack of pureblood werewolves led by Rose operating in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest near Grangeville, Idaho.


At some point, this pack was formed by Rose and began operating in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

In 2016, the pack kidnapped five hikers and ate the heart of at least one and presumably two others as well. Two of the hikers were Corbin and Michelle Tilghman who the pack held captive for days in an easement cabin inside the park. The pack appeared to torture and torment their two captives, leaving the two with several wounds with Michelle's becoming infected. Presumably wanting Corbin as part of the pack for an unknown reason, one of the werewolves bit him and began Corbin's transformation into a werewolf himself.

The body of one of the other hikers was eventually found with its heart missing, drawing the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. While investigating the murder and the disappearances, the Winchesters met Rose who they were unaware was a werewolf. Rose pointed them in the direction of the pack's cabin and alerted Corbin and Michelle's Captors to be ready for the hunters.

When the Winchesters arrived, the hunters and werewolves engaged in a fight that left the two werewolves dead. However, before he was killed by Dean, one managed to shoot Sam in the abdomen with Sam's own gun, seriously wounding him. With no cell phone service or landline, the Winchesters and the Tilghman's were forced to flee on foot to seek out medical attention for Sam and Michelle before the other werewolves could return to the cabin.

Eventually returning to the cabin, Rose and her bodyguard found their pack mates dead. Rose realized that their hideout was "burned" and decided to hunt down the humans before leaving the area. The werewolves narrowly missed Dean, Corbin and Michelle at a ranger station and continued their search through the night and the morning, killing a deputy along the way.

When their search turned up nothing, the remaining two werewolves returned to the ranger station to look for clues. The believed-dead Sam was still there and was forced to hide in the basement. Sam was ultimately able to kill the two werewolves in quick succession with a silver knife and stole Rose's truck to return to the Impala to get medical attention and to warn Dean about Corbin.

Though the pack was wiped out, their actions left the survivors to deal with the grim aftermath. Though Sam and Michelle survived their injuries, Corbin's transformation into a werewolf forced Sam to kill him to save Dean. Michelle was left with the trauma of having been held captive by the pack for days and the loss of her husband at the end of the ordeal.

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  • Every single werewolf in the pack was killed with a silver knife, not a single one was shot.
  • All but one was killed by Sam Winchester, mostly while he was seriously wounded and barely able to stand.
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