Roscoe Styne (Frankenstein) was one of the many Styne members and cousins who reside in Shreveport, Louisiana.


After Roscoe helps Eli Frankenstein kidnap the boy who was bullying Cyrus Frankenstein, he is tasked to accompany Eldon Frankenstein and Cyrus to the Men of Letters Bunker and raid it for anything useful and destroy the rest. Once the three break into the Bunker, they each go their separate ways to collect interesting books/objects to take back with them. When Roscoe finds Cyrus with his nose in a book on exorcism, he admonishes his cousin and tells him to stop reading and either "box it" or "burn it" and throws the book in the pile to be burned. When Cyrus protests, Roscoe tells him to "man up" and finish up while he goes and checks out the "sex dungeon."

As Eldon is about to burn the pile of books and belongings, he hears a noise and soon see Roscoe stagger into the library and fall over—revealing the knife protruding from his back, and is soon followed by a blood stained Dean Winchester.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Although he can be considered as a magic practitioner, his power and abilities are not shown much.

  • Body Enhancements - He has a certain degree of bioengineering skills and medical and surgical knowledge to harvest organs from his victims and implanted it to enhance himself to certain degree.
  • Enhanced Durability - As result of various body enhancements, he has certain degree of enhanced durability and presumably various enhanced physical attributes. Even after being stabbed in the spine, he lived long enough and retained enough movement to reach Eldon and Cyrus before dying.


  • Spinal Cord Severing - Dean killed Roscoe by severing his spinal cord with a knife.


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