This unnamed demon worked with Rosco.


While at a truck stop with the Winchesters, Meg noticed Rosco and his partner nearby and grew worried though she kept their presence from the Winchesters. The two demons made a point of smirking and nodding at Meg with their black eyes visible. Meg agreed to a meeting point with them near Rufus's cabin.

That night, the two demons arrived in a truck to meet Meg who told them that she had something better for them to turn into Crowley than her: the angel Castiel. As Meg and Rosco talked, Rosco's partner circled around to be behind Meg. Meg questioned how many demons she would have to cut in on the deal and a laughing Rosco stated that they hadn't told anyone. Commenting that "I love demons", Meg quickly drew the Winchesters' demon-killing knife and stabbed it into Rosco's partner who was standing right behind her at that point. She then quickly killed Rosco and left the bodies of the two demons lying on the road where she'd killed them.

Powers and Abilities

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


As a regular low-level demon, he possessed all the weaknesses of one.


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