Ronnie Cartwright was a blind man who was healed by the Grigori angel Tamiel, and in exchange, he recruited candidates for the angel to heal and feed on.

Background Edit

As he was the last person to see Amelia Novak before she disappeared, Claire goes after him. When Claire confronts him, Ronnie feigns ignorance, but accidentally mentions the surname Novak despite Claire never telling it to him. In a panic, Ronnie shoves Claire into a dumpster and accidentally knocks her out. He then calls 911 before fleeing.

After helping Claire, Dean and Castiel go after Ronnie and find him once again inside a bar. Dean attacks him until he reveals the name of the faith healer Amelia was looking for: Peter Holloway. Afterwards, Ronnie calls Peter to warn him about the duo, only for Peter, aka Tamiel to appear behind him and punish him by removing his eyesight and impaling him with an angel sword.


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