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That's just it. I'm not nuts. I mean, I was so scared that I was losing my marbles. But this is real. I mean, I-I was right! Ex-except for the mandroid thing. Thank you.
Ronald Reznick
in Nightshifter

Ronald Reznick was a man who figured out about shapeshifters and took matters into his own hands, leading to his early demise.


Season 2[]

Ronald Reznick was a bank employee who witnessed a robbery committed by a co-worker Juan. Ronald was convinced, however, that it was not the real Juan who committed the crime. Ronald researched the crimes, and concluded that the crimes were committed by Mandroids, convinced that the flash of the eyes was the robot's laser-eyes.

Sam and Dean, in the guise of FBI agents, took Ronald's research, and Sam tried to convince him that nothing 'unnatural' was happening.

Ronald worked out where the next robbery would take place, as did Sam and Dean. Ronald took everyone in the bank hostage, and then worked with the boys to uncover the shapeshifter. Having previously thought he was going crazy, Ronald laughed at the fact that he was half-right. Ronald was killed by a SWAT sniper, shocking Dean, which led him to silently apologize to him.[1]

Season 4[]

Ronald later returned as a vengeful spirit when a seal was broken. He bore a Mark of the Witness. Bobby, Sam and Dean managed to perform a ritual to free the spirits.[2]