The Romanian Killing Hex is a hex designed for killing, which hailed from Romania. It was employed by Maggie Stark.


To prepare this spell, a black altar consisted with a black cloth adorned with pentagrams is placed. In the middle of this special coins are placed, which are later probably also needed for the execution of the spell. In addition, two red candles must be placed on the altar cloth. Small plates are then placed on the left and right, with those on the left containing some unknown herbs, on which in turn lie herbs that have been tied together in a bundle and also a cat skull. The most important is a picture frame that contained the respective photo of the victim. This frame is placed behind the altar cloth, leaned against a wall for support.

To lay the spell to determined target, a cursed coin must be placed to intended victim (somewhat like a hexbag). To proceed killing the target, the user must paint a blood hook sigil to the photo of the target. A Latin/Romanian spell recited for activate the spell.

Ab e lamus magiei nigra.
Te contenderes vaseres cruciarium morte!"

Rough translation:

From the Chamber of Darkness.
Grasp this contender with agonizing death!

The target subsequently will be killed in unnatural ways as predetermined by the target. Wendy Goodson had her head electrocuted and fried with a hairdryer. An unknown man that worked as architect of Don Stark new mall drowned in shallow tub. Dewey Stevens get nailed to death. Jenny Klein get her muffin turned into living and beating human heart, nearly choked to death until Sam and Dean saved her.

Interestingly, when the spell being casted, a specific sign always appear, indicating the spell is in action. The sign is the death to vegetations in near any objects that related to the victim. This sign is well known by learned hunters.


Simply moved the coin out of target residence breaking the spell, as Don did to save Sam and Dean. Destroying the coin also cancel the spell. It is unknown if killing the user will cancel the spell completely, but most likely, this way effectively ended the spell.


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