The Roman Pantheon is a group of gods from Roman mythology.

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The Roman goddess of luck who in ancient times favored true heroes. In the 21st century, Fortuna opens a pool hall in Alaska with her demigod son Pax where people bet their luck against each other and Fortuna takes some for herself. In 2020, Sam and Dean Winchester seek out Fortuna's pool hall based on a rumor Garth heard of a place where people can regain their luck after God takes away most of their luck to "downgrade" them back into normal people. Though the Winchesters ultimately lose to Fortuna, she becomes impressed when the goddess recognizes the Winchesters as true heroes, something that she had believed to be extinct. Fortuna returns her victims' lost luck and releases them before shutting down her pool hall and restoring the luck God took from the Winchesters. Fortuna also passes on a message to the Winchesters to make God play their game instead of playing his.

Hercules (demigod, mentioned only, status unknown)Edit

A demigod hero that was helped by Fortuna by giving him "the luck of a hero" in his adventures as she deemed him a true hero.

Mercury (deceased)Edit

The Roman god of messengers. During the Apocalypse, Mercury acted as the desk clerk at the Elysian Fields Hotel and helped Kali trap the Winchesters in the hotel. However, his betrayal of the gathered gods led to his demise when Lucifer snapped Mercury's neck with telekinesis.

Pax (demigod)Edit

The demigod son of Fortuna. Not appearing to have any powers of his own, he acted as the manager for his mother's pool hall and helped his mother remain anonymous as people bet their luck on pool games.

Veritas (deceased)Edit

The Roman goddess of truth who compels all of those in her vicinity to tell the truth and then feasts on their remains when they commit suicide. After being summoned by Corey to learn the truth about her cheating boyfriend, Veritas plagued Calumet City, Illinois until her actions drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. Veritas was ultimately killed by Sam with a knife dipped in dog blood, but not before she revealed that Sam was able to lie to her and there really was something wrong with him.

Vesta (deceased)Edit

Roman goddess of the hearth. In antiquity, people would sacrifice virgins to Vesta and she would feast on their livers. By the 21st century, she is mostly forgotten and instead targets born-again virgins. After coming to the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and Jody Mills, Vesta was killed by Jody with an oak stake stained in virgin blood.


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