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Rogue Men of Letters was a U.S. Men of Letters chapter that splintered and went rogue sometime before 1925. It was led by Diego Avila until his death in Yokoth incident. After the incident, the chapter subsequently disavowed and disbanded by U.S. Men of Letters. As the punishment for recklessly releasing Yokoth and participating in the event, the surviving members and their legacy was banned from entering the organization until the U.S. Men of Letters downfall in 1958.

However, the surviving members, led by Avila Family secretly reactivated it, but with a different mission to ensure Yokoth binding and started to keep watch since then. They passing the mission on to their descendants. As Yokoth finally returned to her realm in The Thing, it is unknown what happened to the "chapter" afterwards, as Yokoth gone and the "chapter" itself lost significant remaining legacies during Yokoth encounter, leaving only Avila siblings, Ophelia and Marco.


Not much known how this chapter established, but in 1925 they have been existed and possessed a significant amount of members. This chapter was led by Diego Avila at that time. Diego was fighting in World War I, his experiences in World War I drove Diego insane "Jim Jones style" to the point that all he could see was "blood and violence".

Wanted to end the suffering and get rid all of the world conflicts, Diego somehow learned about the existence of extra-dimensional deities, Yokoth and Glythur. He somehow also learned about the existence of Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual to access their world. He later convinced his men and splintered from the original U.S. Men of Letters and went rogue. After the splinter, they managed to collect the materials needed for the ritual. Surprisingly, somehow they also encountered an archangel and able to collect some amount of his grace, enough for two preparations. They also managed to find the suitable vessel for the gods though unknown determination. Eventually, they managed to find Sandy Porter and abducted her.

In the end, the ritual performed and they successfully bring Yokoth to Main Universe. The plan backfired as Yokoth cannot be controlled and she proceeded to attack and consumed the participants, including Diego. The survivors managed to capture her and bound her on the altar since then.

Eventually, the information regarding this incident reached Original U.S. Men of Letters. They managed to disavowed and disbanded Rhode Island and punished them for recklessly releasing Yokoth and participating in the event. The surviving members and their legacy were banned from entering the organization until the U.S. Men of Letters downfall in 1958. The chapter later sealed, in order to prevent Yokoth form breaching.

The survivors, led by Avila Family, unofficially activated this chapter in secret, with different purpose for ensuring Yokoth binding. As Marco stated, they also tried to developed many means to kill Yokoth during this time, all to no avail.

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