I'm gonna gut your daughter while you watch.
— The demon to Jimmy Novak
This unnamed demon possessed Jimmy Novak's neighbor Rodger while another demon possessed Rodger's wife in order to kill Jimmy, who was the angel Castiel's true vessel.

Background Edit

Season 4 Edit

When Jimmy returned to his home after being forcibly separated from the angel Castiel, Rodger paid him a visit, delighted to see him back. He asked to speak with Jimmy privately, and revealed that he was possessed by this demon.

Jimmy proceeded to hit him with a candlestick, but Amelia tried to stop him, thinking he was crazy. The two begin to argue, allowing Rodger a chance to grab Claire and hold her at knife point.

Jimmy pleaded for him to let his daughter go, and the demon agreed, but revealed his possessed wife standing nearby, who would disagree. As Jimmy and Amelia struggled with the demon possessing Rodger's wife, Dean snuck up behind Rodger and cut his throat, killing him along with the demon.

The demon possessing Mrs. Rodger, meanwhile, fled.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon was a regular low-level demon with the powers that come with one.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, this one needs to possess someone to manifest on Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, this demon was immortal unless killed.


As a regular demon, he possessed the weaknesses all demons possesses.


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