The Rod of Aaron is a wooden staff created by God on the sixth day of Creation and later entrusted to Moses' brother, Aaron. The Rod is one of the Hands of God; objects touched by God and imbued with a fraction of his power.

Overview Edit

Under unknown circumstances, Crowley came into possession of the Rod. Although he was aware that the staff was a potent artifact, he failed to realize its true power and simply stored it in one of his caches to keep it safe from the "rabble".

While being held prisoner by Lucifer, Crowley realized that the Rod was one of the Hands of God that Lucifer was looking for in order to battle the Darkness.

Suspecting that Crowley was intentionally keeping something from him, Lucifer ordered Simmons, one of his demon subordinates, to feign treason and help Crowley escape in order to earn his trust. Lucifer followed the two demons to Crowley's cache and seized the box he thought contained the Rod, only for Crowley to reveal that he had seen through Lucifer's ruse from the start and had already taken possession of the Hand of God. Channelling the power of the Rod, Crowley attacked Lucifer but Simmons interposed between the two, giving her life in the process. Lucifer was only slightly wounded and Crowley tried to launch another attack with the staff only to find out that he had already exhausted the Hand's power. Crowley was easily overpowered by his opponent but managed to flee, leaving the depleted artifact behind.

Trivia Edit

  • The Staff of Moses that was used by Aaron Birch, an individual who shares the same name as the original owner, the brother of Moses, that once held the Rod of Aaron.


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