Rock Never Dies is the 7th episode of Season 12. It aired on December 1, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Lucifer (special guest star Rick Springfield) realizes that as rock star Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, Lucifer arranges to play a secret VIP concert in order to kill all of them. Sam, Dean and Castiel enter the underbelly of the music industry to try to stop him.


Dean and Sam give a short rundown of Cass and Crowley's hunt for Lucifer. Someone summons Lucifer with a fossil of a feather from his wings, which Lucifer uses to heal his damaged vessel. He kills both boys, but they gave him the idea to use fans.

Back at the bunker, Dean is playing words with friends with Mary until Cass calls. They head off to LA to confront Vince. Crowley pops in on Russell, who's changed since he last met him, and bargains souls from up and coming artists who will sell their souls. Sam and Dean drive to LA, Dean makes a nice speech, but Sam is listening to a history podcast so he doesn't listen. Dean pulls his headphones out and discovers it's actually Vince's music.

Cass and the boys meet up. Dean says Cass looks like a third-rate agent and he should class it up. Cass says Dean looks like a lumberjack. Crowley pops up and confirms that Vince is "riding with the devil". They head up to Vince's room. Cass discovers a human tooth, which was pulled out through the root.

Vince is with a groupie, Roseleen. Roseleen has been in love with Vince since she was 16. Vince asks what she would do to show she loved him. She claims "anything", and Vince pulls out a knife and asks if she'd bleed for him. She carves her name into her chest, despite being afraid to do so, and ends up at the hospital. The group meets up at the hospital, leaving Cass and Crowley together while Dean and Sam talk to Roseleen. They ask if Vince forced her to do this, but she says she did it to make him happy. She claims he had a reason for asking her to do this. She begs to go to his show.

Back with Vince, Vince is asking for a new audience for a special show despite his publicist telling him it's not good for sales. She relents.

Dean and Sam rundown what happened with Roseleen. Crowley explains that having Roseleen cut his name into her chest is about devotion. They need to be at the show to stop whatever Lucifer is up to. When they split up, Crowley goes back to Russel and says it's personal. He needs to know where the show is or he will end Russel. Cass goes back to Tommy, Vince's bandmate, but he doesn't care about why Vince changed because he's got two daughters in college and needs the money. Dean and Sam talk to Vince's publicist, who is uninterested, until they point out Vince is different. She says he's a good client and she's worked with worse people, then threatens Dean and Sam before walking out.

Dean and Sam meet up with Crowley, but they don't have anything. Cass saunters in with no new information. They don't know what to do next. Meanwhile, Vince kills Russel after saying he owns him and horrifies his publicist and Tommy. He gets out of the car and welcomes the new fans, but notices his vessel is deteriorating and covers it up with his jacket. Tommy texts Agent Beyonce, Cass, and gives him the location of the concert. The Meteor fills with people coming to see the concert as the group shows up with Enochian handcuffs. Cass offers to go head to head, but Sam and Dean say he's not strong enough. That he'll last three minutes. Crowley says they can make it four with his help.

The bandmates are in the back preparing for the concert, but Vince kills who of them, leaving Tommy alive to reveal that he's not Vince. He's about to kill Tommy when Cass shows up. Crowley comes and gets called "spanky" when Vince asks if Cass brought the other little rascals. Cass and Crowley gang up on Vince, and reveals that it's fun and people love Vince. Cass is disgusted that Lucifer thinks it's fun, but can't hold his own in a fight. Sam pulls the fire alarm after a distraction from Dean, but Lucifer is able to turn it off with a twirl of his finger. He leaves Cass and Crowley behind to make his way on stage. Before Lucifer can do anything, Dean gets a shot off and everyone rushes from the building. Sam manages to hold open the doors despite Lucifer trying to close them.

Cass says his fabulous "Assbutt" line and Dean gets half the handcuffs on Lucifer, but he breaks free. Lucifer is upset because God left right after apologizing for leaving him. He explains that he doesn't have a plan, but during his monologue his vessel is dying. Lucifer leaves Vince's body and the corpse disintegrates (must have hesitated). Our team meets outside, Sam points out that Lucifer having fun means a lot of people died and it's all their fault for letting him out. Lucifer is going to bigger, but Dean still believes they will stop him. Sam doens't look so sure.


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  • Castiel, Crowley, Lucifer and Tommy previously appeared in The Foundry.
  • Vince's band mates previously appeared in Mamma Mia.
  • Sam mentions God's apology to Lucifer, which occurred in We Happy Few. Here, Lucifer reveals that he no longer accepts this apology, believing it to be fake.
  • Castiel questions if Lucifer can even sing. In Season 7, Sam's Lucifer hallucination was shown constantly singing to Sam. It is unknown if this is simply a trait of Sam's hallucination or a skill Lucifer does actually possess. However, Lucifer sang while imprisoned by Crowley in Stuck in the Middle (With You).


  • The episode was watched by 1.80 million viewers and got a 0.6 rating.
  • This is the second appearance of the Ocean voice actor Scott McNeil, who portrays a band member who is killed by Lucifer. He previously played Benny Sutton in the season 5 episode Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
  • Dean's phone shows "LURIFEC" as available letters for Dean after he wrote "Twerking" at the beginning of the episode, which is an anagram for Lucifer.
  • Dean's phone displays Castiel's caller ID as Cass. In season 11 episode Baby, it was Castiel.
  • This episode is set in Los Angeles, California, the same location as Fox's television series Lucifer. Notably, Lucifer himself joked in The Devil in the Details that once Amara was defeated, he would "go to LA and solve crimes", which is the basis of the series.
  • In Bad Boys, a young Dean revealed his passion to become a rock star. Dean's ability to play the guitar may be the result of this desire.
  • The Russell Lemmon's "Death Siren Records" has the same font as the EA game launch in 2005 called "Need For Speed Most Wanted"
  • The CW's official summary for this episode mistakenly does not cite actor Rick Springfield as a guest star.


  • Dean: Why're you doing this?
  • Lucifer: Why?
  • Sam: You and God made up. You forgave him. What would he think?
  • Lucifer: Not especially interested in his opinion. Dear old dad, he finally apologized for abandoning me and what's the very next thing he does? He ditches me. And you two, by the way. And rides off into the sunset with aunty Amara. He needed my help, and he'd say anything to get it. His words, your words they mean nothing. Don't you get it? This is all meaningless. Heaven. Hell. This world. If it ever meant anything that moment is passed. Nothing down here except hopeless distraction addicts. So filled emptiness, so desperate to fill up the void. They don't mind being served another stale rerun of a rerun of a rerun. You know what my plan is? I don't have one. I'm just going to keep smashing daddy's already broken toys, and making you watch.

  • Adam: Drench me, Lucifer!
  • Gordy: [laughs] Dude, you asked Lucifer... to drench you.

[Lucifer appears drenched in sea water a few minutes later]



Supernatural 12x07 Promo "Rock Never Dies" (HD) Season 12 Episode 7 Promo

Supernatural 12x07 Promo "Rock Never Dies" (HD) Season 12 Episode 7 Promo

Supernatural 12x07 Sneak Peek "Rock Never Dies" (HD) Season 12 Episode 7 Sneak Peek

Supernatural 12x07 Sneak Peek "Rock Never Dies" (HD) Season 12 Episode 7 Sneak Peek


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