Robin was waitress who inherited her father's diner, Cus's Place.


Robin was Dean Winchester's first romantic interest as well as his first kiss. Although Dean promised to take her to the homecoming dance, Dean's father John Winchester forced Dean to leave the area. Dean also reluctantly broke up with Robin.

At the time of their meeting, Robin played the guitar and gave a few lessons to the boys at Sonny's place. She had dreams of becoming a photographer but inherited her father's diner.

Years later, Dean visited Cus's Place and was surprised to see Robin, who pretended she did not recognize him. While visiting Sonny's place, Dean found Robin with Timmy, a boy who was being haunted by a ghost. Robin was reluctant to have anything to do with Dean but Dean forced her to cooperate as he tried - with Timmy's help - to convince the spirit of Timmy's mother to move on.

Before they parted ways again, Robin remarked on Dean's job and realized why he left, though supported that he is living an interesting life. She forgives him for the past and kissed Dean on the lips, and bid him farewell.



  • Erin Karpluk, who portrayed adult Robin, also portrayed Monica Holt in the season 1 episode Salvation.
  • Robin appeared in Dean's contacts in the episode Scarecrow.
  • Supernatural staff members do not regard Robin as an actual first kiss, but among the first.
  • Robin is named after writer Adam Glass's high school sweetheart.
  • There is an other Robin in the Finale of Season 6 in Sam's dream, but its not the same person.
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