..so they thought they needed an experienced hand to guide 'the young man' through these rocky waters. The young man of course felt 'what do I need this old fart for'? Anyway, we met and we met a number of times and finally he got comfortable enough with me for us to join up and partner on this thing. It's interesting, 'cause we are sort of different generations and we approach drama in kind of a different way but as we worked together, we found that we've arrived to the same place. The methods are a little different of how we get there.
— Robert Singer on how he came to work with Eric Kripke
Robert Singer
Robert Singer is a writer, director and producer of the series Supernatural. Singer has been working on the show in a co-showrunner capacity since Season 1. He is often credited for a lot of Dean's one liners and is married to writer Eugenie Ross-Leming. In Season 11, Singer took a step back from the show, taking on an executive consultant position. With Season 12, Singer returned to executive producer/showrunner duties alongside Andrew Dabb.

Singer has also appeared on numerous Supernatural gag reels starting around Season 3. He has previously directed episodes of Midnight Caller, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Hack.

It was always me and Bob Singer, and Bob has always been there. So there's been true continuity. People say "Supernatural" has had different showrunners and it hasn't. It's actually always had the same showrunner, he has just had different partners over the last decade.
— Eric Kripke on Robert Singer's role [1]
I come in from a characters' point of view, it's all about characters to me and I let the plot work itself out, given what the characters are gonna do and what I'm interested in the scenes that drive the plot but I'm mostly interested in how the characters react to it. Eric works very hard on the stories and gets the plot done and once the plot is good, the character stuff would come naturally. So we sort of go in a circle when we are in a room together and we arrive at this place where both things are serviced and we are really a one voice now, we rarely disagree on stuff. I worked alone for a long time so it is really cool to have a partner.
— Robert Singer [2]
I don't think we've ever pandered to fans. Well, in general we, at least I don't, I don't pay much attention to what goes on online. When we're sitting in the writers' room and we're breaking stories, we rarely say "I wonder what the fans are gonna think of this." We just wanna tell the best story. We get feedback, their reaction to things? Pretty much, we're here with 200. So we have great respect for our fans. We want to keep it fresh for them. But we're not taking the directions from them.
— Robert Singer on the line between honoring and pandering to fans [3]

Bobby Singer is named after him, as a gift from Eric Kripke.

In Hunteri Heroici, Singer provided the voice for BOB the Cat, and in Book of the Damned, he provided the voice for the radio DJ.




  • Singer is married to writer/executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming.
  • Robert Singer was among the cast and crew members who appeared as characters in the Season 6 episode "The French Mistake".
  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Singer revealed an abandoned Season 11 episode concept. "There was one last year that we actually tried to do and that was putting [Sam and Dean] in a game, Jumanji-style. We just couldn't make it work. I think that was the only script in 11 years that we ever abandoned. It was just too hard and we just couldn't nail it." [4]
  • Robert Singer told a crowd of fans at Chicon 2015 that he regarded Supernatural as "just a TV show".


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