The Robbery Shapeshifter was a shapeshifter who used its abilities to commit a series of robberies.


Season 2

This shapeshifter started using his abilities to rob banks and jewelry stores in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by studying the patterns of employees or buyers then killing them in an apparent suicide and taking on their form to commit the robberies while presumably hiding in the sewers between the places it robbed.

To everyone else, it appeared that the people robbed the place and then committed suicide, allowing the shapeshifter to avoid detection by the police and FBI. However, Sam and Dean Winchester pick up on the pattern and realize they are dealing with a shapeshifter from its retinal flare on a security tape shown to them by former security guard Ronald Reznick it had beaten up who believed it to be a "mandroid." Sam and Dean figure out its pattern and that it's likely to strike the City Bank of Milwaukee next. They identify it as taking the form of the bank manager from the retinal flare the shapeshifter displays in the security cameras, but Ronald, as no one believes him, takes over the bank to stop the "mandroid" and the shapeshifter escapes before Sam and Dean can get it. It then kills another man, hides his body in the celling tiles and takes on his form.

After Dean and Ronald find it and lock it in the vault with the other prisoners, the shapeshifter tries to use the excuse of the security guard having a heart attack to escape, but Dean finds its victim's body. Realizing it has been found out, the shapeshifter flees and takes on the form of one of the tellers, Sherri, pretending to be her dead body in hopes that Sam and Dean will kill her and think they had killed it. However, while they initially fall for its trick, Sam figures it out as the real Sherri faints and that wouldn't help it escape. As the FBI and police break in, the shapeshifter attacks Dean and escapes again. Dean chases it to the boiler room where the two fight. Dean eventually manages to gain the upper hand and stabs the shapeshifter in the heart with a silver letter opener, killing it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting - As a shapeshifter, it had the ability to take the shape of anyone alive and dead. This shapeshifter could do it faster than the previously encountered shapeshifter. It also had the ability to simulate fatal injuries without actually being affected by them.
  • Superhuman strength - The shapeshifter was stronger than the average human, able to go toe-to-toe with Dean easily even in physically weaker forms.
  • Superhuman speed - Shapeshifters are faster than humans. This one was able to escape from dangerous situations fast.
  • Superhuman agility - The shapeshifter was very agile while fighting Dean.
  • Regeneration - Shapeshifters can heal their wounds by shifting form.


  • Silver - Dean killed the shapeshifter with a silver letter opener to the heart.
  • Retinal Flare - Sam and Dean identified the shapeshifter due to its retinal flare on camera.


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