Robarts is a police lieutenant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

History[edit | edit source]

Robarts went to the bank after Ron locking up the front door to the bank with a chain and then runs into the lobby, pulls out his rifle and orders everyone to the ground. Robarts greeted Sergeant Tucker and asked about the situation, Tucker told him that a guy locked himself in the bank. Robarts then gave the order to cut off the power.

Robarts later calls the bank, Ron picks up the phone and says hello. Robarts asks Ron what are his demands, Ron surprised says that he is not a bank robber but a kind of a crime fighter and that he acting alone, after that Sam sighs and goes over to the phone, slamming it to hang up.

Robarts is on the phone with Sam and Tucker in the back is listening. Robarts asks Sam how many hostages took Ron. Sam says that one of the people could be having heart trouble and that Robarts needs to sent a paramedic. Tucker later received information that one of the hostages took over the situation. Robarts surprised says "Excuse me?"

Soon after, to the bank arrives the FBI and Agent Victor Henriksen takes over the control, saying, "You have no idea what you're dealing with, do you? There is a monster in that bank, Robarts."

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