I hate to tell you this, but those were demons and this is the Apocalypse. So... buckle up.
— Rob to Dean Winchester

Rob was a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Militia.

When a demon killed his son Dylan, he and his wife Jane were comforted by Leah, regarded by the townspeople as a prophet, who told them they would meet their son again on Judgement Day.

However, Leah later claimed that as long as there were non-believers among them, the angels told her they would not permit them entry into paradise.

This drove the people to hunt down all non-believers, the first being Paul, who was a lifelong friend. While Rob wanted Paul to just leave the town, when he refused to do so Jane decided to shoot him, much to Rob's horror.

When more people were named as non-believers, Rob and Jane followed instructions to apprehend and lock them in a storage closet, and were prepared to burn them alive on command. Sam and Dean intervened, and Dean killed Leah, who was in fact the Whore of Babylon.


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