Road Trip is the 10th episode of Season 9. It aired on January 14th, 2014.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Dean is devastated after Kevin's death and vows to find the angel that killed him, not only to free Sam, but to seek revenge. Castiel arrives at the bunker and suggests they try to separate Sam's brain from the angel's so they can talk to Sam and have him expel Gadreel. However, there's one small problem: the only person who knows how to do that is Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard).


Dean gives Kevin a send off fit for a hunter and then checks his dead friend's cellphone. There are photos Kevin and his mother. He throws it away in a fit of rage and smashes all the furniture aside.

A rock star, Corey, is backstage with his manager, Margey who is pleading with him to not do anything embarrassing. Corey opens his dressing room door and finds Gadreel waiting for him. Gadreel acknowledge his fellow angel Thaddeus' new look and insists that he's not his friend. He reminds Thaddeus that he was imprisoned in Heaven and Thaddeus tortured him as his guard. Thaddeus wonders if he's there for payback and goes for his blade, only to discover that Gadreel already has it. The angel starts to apologize but Gadreel kills him.

In the bunker, Castiel finds Dean packing and says that he came as soon as he called. He notices how Dean has torn up the room and asks what is wrong, and Dean tells him about his unwitting deal with Gadreel and Kevin's death. Dean vows to destroy Gadreel even though it will kill Sam as well, and admits that he was stupid. Castiel assures him that he was stupid for the right reason and that Sam could cast the angel out if he knew what was happening. The angel says that the demons were able to dig into Alfie's mind and access his coding, and suggests that they do the same thing, bypassing Gadreel and talking to Sam directly.

Dean and Castiel go to Crowley's cell and Dean tells the demon that he's going to explain how to hack an angel in return for human blood. Crowley refuses and asks for Kevin, and they tell him that Kevin is dead. The demon admits that he's sorry to hear that and points out that he told Kevin to run from Dean. Crowley then says that he can crack an angel for them in return for a field trip. Dean refuses but Crowley points out that he's out of alternatives if they're coming to him. Castiel warns against it and Crowley suggests that they talk to Sam... and realizes that Sam is possessed. Dean agrees to the deal and Castiel says that he has a vehicle.

Dean, Castiel, and Crowley go to the car, which ran out of a gas. A woman is picking up her dog and sees them. Once Dean fills it up, he has them both sit in the back and drives off.

Metatron is drinking at a bar when Gadreel sits down next to him and gives him the tablets. The bartender is the body that Gadreel used when he was claiming to be Ezekiel, and Gadreel stares at him in surprise. Metatron asks if there were any problems and Gadreel assures him that killing Thaddeus was easy. He admits that killing Kevin wasn't as easy, and Metatron says that he's arranged it so there will be no more Prophets. He asks about Dean and Gadreel points out that Metatron didn't ask him to kill Dean. Metatron insists that they are writing an epic story and will have to kill those close to them. He then gives Gadreel the name of his next target: Alexander Sarver. Gadreel wonders how many more lives he has to take and Metatron tells him that it is his place to obey and prove his loyalty.

The woman, who saw Crowley with Castiel and Dean, turns out to be a demon who kills her dog and uses the blood to contact Abaddon. She informs her superior that Crowley is on the move.

Dean, Castiel, and Crowley go to Waldroff Financial and sit in the lobby. Crowley explains that his scout is there and she can track whoever they want. The company is a front for the NSA and he placed one of his demons inside the woman in charge. A security guard takes Crowley to Cecily, who knows that Castiel and Dean are in the lobby. She explains that Castiel was human for a while. In the lobby, Castiel tells Dean that the room Crowley is in is warded against his senses.

Cecily explains that she tuned in one of her satellites to angel radio and knows what is going on. She insists that Abaddon isn't the boss and most of the demons are waiting to see who wins, her or Crowley. Crowley asks her to remove the mystic handcuffs but she says that she needs the key. He has her find a car for him and then wonders if she's playing both sides. Cecily cheerfully admits that she's only doing what he would do. A few minutes later, Crowley comes down and tells Dean and Castiel that the Impala has been spotted in Somerset, PA.

In Somerset, Gadreel pulls up in front of a home and confirms that the man outside is Alexander Sarver. When the man turns around, Gadreel realizes that it's a friend, the angel Abner. A girl comes out and calls Abner "daddy," and Abner introduces his daughter Delilah to his best friend. Abner explains that he has a family and asks Gadreel to come back in a few hours after they come back from a movie.

That night, Gadreel returns and Abner explains that he works in customer support. He admits that he was a crappy angel and was locked up for deserting his post. Gadreel tells his friend that he got their revenge by killing Thaddeus, and Abner wishes that he hadn't done that. He points out that Gadreel always put him back, and now they have a second chance because of the Fall. Abner explains that his vessel was abusive and his new family loves him and he loves them. Gadreel wonders if there is a price for happiness and Abner tells him that it's worth paying.

Dean and Castiel find the Impala and go into Abner's house. They find his corpse and hear water running. Gadreel is washing off his hands in the kitchen sink and knows Dean is there. He tells Dean that he shouldn't have come there and points out that he let him live, and easily casts him back when Dean tries to stab him. However, Castiel punches Gadreel unconscious.

Cecily summons Abaddon and tells her that Crowley is there and went to Somerset with Dean and Castiel. When Cecily admits that she's playing both sides, Abaddon tells her it wasn't smart and kills her.

Dean and Castiel take Sam's body to an isolated spot and bind it. Castiel confirms that Sam's injuries have mostly healed and admits that he doesn't recognize the angel possessing him. Gadreel vows to rip Sam's body apart and dares Dean to kill Sam if he wants it to end. The angel explains that he has Sam locked away in a dream about ghouls and cheerleaders, working a case. Dean wonders why Gadreel betrayed him and Gadreel insists that he's doing what he has to. Crowley steps forward and takes out one of his probes, and inserts it into Sam's skull. He continues for hours as Gadreel screams in agony.

Dean finally can't take anymore and walks out, and Castiel goes after him. As they wait, Dean asks how Castiel is doing to distract himself. The angel explains that it wasn't easy and he didn't have a choice, but he did what he had to. Dean apologizes for kicking him out of the bunker and admits that he got played, and Castiel points out that Metatron played him as well.

Crowley calls them back in and demonstrates that he's "hacked" into Gadreel's core programming. He recites his name and Castiel explains that Gadreel was the guard who let Lucifer into the Garden of Eden. Everything that happened since then is because of Gadreel and Castiel attacks him since he basically ruined the universe. Dean tells him to calm down and Crowley goes back to work. However, Gadreel tells them that it won't work and that he's endured far worse. Dean tells Castiel to possess Sam's body and tell him what's going on. Castiel warns him that he can't possess a vessel without permission, but Crowley says that he can take what he wants. Castiel warns against it but Dean points out that they're out of options. However, Crowley demands his freedom in return for the risk he's taking. Dean agrees and tell Castiel to burn off Sam's warding tattoo.

Once Castiel removes the tattoo, Dean removes Crowley's chains and tells him to say the word "Poughkeepsie" when he finds Sam: their emergency word. Gadreel vows to destroy Crowley, and an amused Crowley enters Sam's body.

Sam is working at a desk in the bunker when Crowley appears and a worried Sam tries to alert his "brother" but Crowley says "Poughkeepsie." Sam is confused as Crowley explains about Gadreel but Sam is skeptical. Crowley then takes out a gun and shoots Sam, but it has no effect. He tells Sam to remember everything that he's seen Gadreel done, including Kevin's murder. Sam concentrates and remembers, and Crowley assures him that Gadreel was the one who killed Kevin, not Sam. He then tells Sam to take control and cast out Gadreel who appears, using his former vessel and insists that he is going to be a hero and lead the angels back into Heaven. Gadreel warns Crowley to run as he will end him, though Crowley attacks him rather than flee, and Gadreel smashes him down and then starts beating him. Sam attacks Gadreel, who easily casts him aside and says that he's not strong enough. Crowley tells Sam to cast Gadreel out, and he tries but the angel boasts that he may be the only thing holding Sam together. Sam overpowers and knocks Gadreel over, repeating himself Sam orders him to get out.

In the real world, Gadreel bursts out of Sam's body. At the bar, Metatron tells the bartender that he's waiting for someone and they're late. All of the glass in the bar explodes as the bartender hears angel voice and says "yes" as Gadreel reenters the bartender's body. Metatron realizes that he's failed because of the Winchesters.

Crowley leaves Sam's body and returns to his own body, just as the latter wakes up. A car pulls up outside, as Castiel goes out to investigate and finds Abaddon and her demon minions outside. Crowley tells the others to leave while he handles it, as Dean and Castiel carry Sam out though Dean tells Crowley he'll kill him next time as Crowley states he is well aware. The demon sits down and welcomes Abaddon when she comes in. When she tells her demons to attack him, they hesitate and Crowley says that he's going to talk to them. He talks about how he can feel their pain and knows how they were lost. Then Abaddon came along and some of his subjects decided to join her. Abaddon insists that she controls Hell and they should fight for it. Crowley tells her that their dispute is a campaign as the demons have a choice: take orders from her or join his team and get rewarded. He tells the demons to spread the word and vote for him before he teleports away as Abaddon is angered at his escape.

Castiel partially heals Sam and says that it will take time to fully restore him. Sam tells Dean that he's pissed that he lied to him, and Dean insists that he couldn't let him die because that's not him. He assures Sam that Kevin's death is on his hands, not Sam's, and he'll burn in Hell for it. But he will kill Gadreel and he'll do it alone. When Sam wonders what he means, Dean tells him that he's poison and everyone close to him gets killed or worse. He insists that he won't do it anymore, and Sam tells him to go. As Dean starts to walk away, Sam tells him that isn't the problem but refuses to explain further. Dean drives away as Castiel and Sam watch silently.


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  • The Famous Final Scene by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
  • The Royal Scene by dudeROYAL



  • It's made clear in this episode that it's a some special skill for multiple beings to possess the same vessel.
  • Crowley uses the word Poughkeepsie to convince Sam that he was sent by Dean. Poughkeepsie is Sam and Dean's code for "drop everything and run." Poughkeepsie is a city in southeastern New York.
  • Thaddeus says "Why be an angel when you can be a God?" This may be a reference to Eminem's Rap God.
  • The dream Gadreel put Sam in about ghouls eating cheerleader, is a reference the comic book "Zombies Vs Cheerleaders".


  • Sam Winchester [while expelling Gadreel]: I said. Get. The hell. Out!

  • Metatron [to Gadreel]: It's not your place to ask questions. It is your place to obey.

  • Dean: I was so damn stupid.
  • Cass: You were stupid for the right reasons.

  • Crowley: How many times am I gonna have to say this? People in your general vicinity don't have much in the way of a lifespan.

  • Crowley: If I'm Plan A, I'm sure you have a totally viable, much better Plan B.

  • Crowley: Looks like we need a tiebreaker. Go get Moose, Squirrel.

  • Metatron [to Gadreel]: We are writing our own epic story here. To make that work, sometimes you have to kill your darlings.

  • Cecily: That was Dean Winchester and Castiel?
  • Crowley: Yes, I know, without the tie he's barely recognizable. So...
  • Cecily: ...Hot. I mean, human Castiel? Eh. But feathered Castiel?

  • Cecily: So Captain Sexy out there totally cuts another angel's throat, yoinks his Grace and now he's got his mojo back. Minus the broken wings. That B with an itch ain't the boss. I mean, she's got a few of the more agro types on her side, but most are just waiting to see who takes the belt, you or her.

  • Crowley: Your phallus on wheels just ran a red light in Somerset, Pennsylvania 10 minutes ago.

  • Abner: I'm not a wise man, Gadreel, but I know this. The key to happiness, it's getting the one thing you want most and never letting it go. There's always a price, but it's worth paying.

  • Gadreel: If it makes you feel better, I have Sam locked away in a dream. As far as he knows, the two of you are working a case right now. Something with ghouls and cheerleaders.

  • Dean: So you're saying we're both a couple of dumbasses.
  • Cass: I prefer the word trusting. Less dumb, less ass.

  • Cass [about Gadreel]: It's his fault, all of it. The corruption of man, demons, Hell. God left because of him. The archangels, the apocalypse. If he hadn't been so weak, none of it would have happened. You ruined the universe, you damn son of a bitch.

  • Crowley: I keep my bargains. Besides, I don't want to be inside your brother any longer than I have to. I'm not one for sloppy seconds.

  • Dean: A demon and an angel walk into my brother. It sounds like a bad joke.

  • Sam [in his dream]: This doesn't make any sense. Why is this ghoul only chomping on dead cheerleaders?

  • Crowley: It's a campaign. Hearts and minds, that's what important. See, the demons have a choice. Take orders from the world's angriest ginger, and that's saying something, or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin and all the entrails they can eat.

  • Dean [to Sam]: I'm poison, Sam. People get close to me, they get killed or worse. I tell myself that I help more people than I hurt and I tell myself that I'm doing it all for the right reasons, and I believe that. But I can't, I won't, drag anybody through the muck with me, not anymore.



Supernatural 9x10 Promo "Road Trip" (HD)

Supernatural 9x10 Promo "Road Trip" (HD)


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