Kill them on my command!
— Lead angel to the others
in Exodus

These six unnamed angels attempted to attack Mary Winchester and Jack's resistance on the road.


As the Winchesters group walked towards the base of Bobby Singer, they sent out the archangel Gabriel to scout ahead. While scouting, Gabriel encountered these angels and rushed back to warn the others, followed close behind by the angels. The lead angel ordered the others to kill the group on his command. As the group prepared their weapons and the angels prepared to blast them, the angels were suddenly combusted by Lucifer.

Having believed Lucifer to be bound by the Supernatural Handcuffs, the group turned on him and Lucifer melted the handcuffs and revealed that he had known all along they wouldn't hold him. Lucifer got annoyed when he wasn't thanked for killing the angels and used the fact that he did as proof that he was a team player.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appeared to be regular angels with all the abilities of ones.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all other angels, they required a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Immortality - As angels, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As angels, the were invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Holy White Light - As a group, they attempted to blast the resistance fighters they encountered in order to kill them.


As a regular angels, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Archangels - They were subservient and weaker than the archangel Michael. The archangel Lucifer effortlessly killed them.



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