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Riza Nodd was the daughter of Dr. Calvin Nodd and his Filipino wife Malaya. She was also girlfriend of Ronald Deluzio.


Riza was born sometime at 1946. During the process of delivering her, her mother Malaya died. Calvin, which suffered PTSD due to his mission in Philippines, becomes convinced once more that he is cursed and Riza is meant to punish him by dying if he loves her or being an agent of his punishment if he detaches himself from her.

16 years later, Riza grown into teenager. Calvin remains emotionally detached from Riza until she hooks up with a drifter named Ronald Deluzio. Though Calvin forbids Riza to see Ronald, she rebels against him by continuing to date Ronald and falling pregnant by him. Calvin is enraged as he feels Riza's actions make a mockery of her mother's sacrifice to give her life, especially since he blames the hospital for Malaya's death. Calvin then murders Ronald and convinces Riza thar Ronald ran off on her and to have her baby at home. During the birth, Calvin doesn't use drugs as it would take away from his control of the process and begins berating Riza, blaming Riza for her own pain and her mother's death. Descending into complete insanity, Calvin strangles Riza while she is in labor, killing both Riza and her unborn child.

Riza later buried in shallow grave, beneath her father workshop. When Calvin descended into madness and attempted to kill one of his patients, he prepared to flee. Before leaving, Calvin decides to destroy his workshop and take Riza's body with him. However, when Calvin goes to take Riza's body, she reanimated as a pontianak and mutilates Calvin to death in his own workshop.

Believing that Ronald leaving her to dead, she hold grudge against him, unknowing if Ronald already murdered by her father long time ago. Her grudge often echoed when she possessed her victim. She tried to looking for him, but no avail. Her grudge against Ronald later developed into targeting any men near pregnant woman or woman that recently have childbirth.

Supernatural: Cold FireEdit

For 53 years, Riza kept dormant in her lair, along with other pontianaks. Riza and other pontianaks awakened when her distant cousin, Sally Holcomb, arrived to the town and stepped her foot on Larkin's family estate. Soon after awakened, Riza started to terrorize the town. First, he killed Sally's husband, Dave Holcomb and fed on him. His death caught Sam, Dean, and Castiel to investigate. During their time in Braden Heights, later targeted some men who had their wife or partner pregnant, or simply near them.

Next after, Dave, she scared Elijah Green to death, causing him to crash his car and killed on scene instantly. Riza later fed on his eyes. Next after, she killed Aidan Dufford, friend of Chloe Sikes. Police investigators led by Assistant Chief Francois Cordero and Captain Jaime Sands, accounted the unknown animal species was behind the attack. However, they also noticed abnormality in Elijah body, while his body not eaten, his eyes were lost. Noticing that all the victims had their eyes gouged, Sam, Dean, and Castiel realized that whatever they encounter is something new that they never encounter before.

Riza later continuing her spree, killing Brandon Perreault, friend of Olivia Krum, in process. After the attack, when Sam, Den, and Castiel interviewing locals to get some clues, they found out the missing link: Sally unexpected pregnancy. They later found the source of the problem.

After killing Brandon, Riza changed her target to attack infants. She managed to find her way to the newly born Noelle Barrows, daughter of Melissa Barrows and Kevin Barrows. Riza feeding on her, weakened Noelle significantly. However, Kevin caught her. Kevin tried to protect the couple's daughter. However, Riza impaled and strangling him. Melissa saw that scene and cannot stopped her. Kevin asked her to save their daughter. Riza brutally ripped Kevin eyes and stomach. With his last strength, he grabbed Riza and plummeted them to the ground. However, Riza returned to her spirit form and unharmed before she teleported away from the scene, while Kevin plummeted to his death, cracking his skull in process.

Police later come to the scene, after Melissa called them. Melissa expressed her disbelief. She testified that the woman, can stab and injure Kevin, who was former athlete. When Kevin Barrows killed, Castiel later realized that the thing they encounter not only targeting men near pregnant woman, it also targeted infants and men that near woman that recently had childbirth.

Riza continuing her spree, and tried to fed on newly born Gabriel Atherton, son of Gary Atherton and Denise Atherton at Lovering Maternity Center. But, before she did it, Nurse Maggie O'Brien, caught her. She frightened and screamed, woke up all of them. The officers in the hospital, including Dr. Vanessa Hartwell, alerted with that and make Riza flee from the scene. The description given by the hospital staffs made for Sam, Dean, and Castiel to investigate futrher.

With the informations, Sam and Dean tried to find out from lores about what kind of creature. They figured out, it was pontianak, a human-flesh eater, malevolent spirit born from spirit of woman that died during child birth. They retrace back again their investigation to Sally Holcomb. From Marilag, they found that Sally's great-grandaunt, Malaya Nodd, was died during childbirth.

In separate places, the Green, Barrows, and Atherton returned to their residence. By unknown means, Riza managed to possessed them all the women (Brianna Green, Melissa Barrows, and Denise Atherton), while manipulating their memories and mental condition. All of them have synchronized view about "Ronnie", and wanted to kill him and also taking away the family respective baby. Sudden behavior change prompted Malik Green, Alan Crane, and Gary Atherton to alert police, while they tried to defend their respective family baby from the enraged wife. They diverted: Sam and Dean went to investigate Larkin family house, Castiel dealt with Green, Cordero dealt with Barrows, and Sands dealt with Atherton. They finally can restrain all of the enraged women. In case of Green, low on grace, Castiel initially had difficulties to put Brianna calm, however, unkowingly, he sedated her with his remaining power before tied her. Castiel later checked Barrows and Atherton to make sure they are safe now, before following the Winchesters to Larkin family House.

When investigating Larkin family house, Sam finally locates Calvin's journal, which explaining his actions and the Winchesters are disturbed by what they learn and realize that Riza is the Pontianak, not Malaya as they had assumed. They also found Riza here. Riza tried to attack them blindly, flung Dean in process. In same time, sensing Castiel presence, she also summoned her Pontianak subordinates to stalled him, preventing him to help the Winchesters, When flung dean to the wall, the wall partially collapsed, revealing the body of her long lost lover Ronnie. Sam later show his body to told the enraged Riza that she had been deceived by her father for long time, even after she died. Sam also told that in fact her father that murdered Ronald, not abandoned her.

RIza, trembled with indecision. Questioning her purpose: Her reason for vengeance had been built on half-truths and lies. Her father had been the cause of all her misery, her death and the death of the man she loved and thought had abandoned her. Griefly saddened by the fact that Ronnie was killed by her own father, Riza transformed to her unleashed form. The Mark of Cain on Dean suddenly activated, his impatience built up, but he wanted to resist it. At this rate, he might not only kill Riza, but Sam also due to uncontrolled rage. Dean commanded Sam to pinned Riza now using iron stake.

Now pinned, Dean managed to decapitated her. Riza was killed. However, her womb started to broke and reveal a misshapen fetus with lamprey like mouth and sharp-tipped tentacle like appendages. Her unborn child now manifested as Langsuir. The langsuir tried to attack Sam with its tentacle. Dean tossed Sam his machete for Sam to kill it before fully manifested. Sam later chopped the head of Langsuir and pinned it to the floor. Killing them both for good.

As Riza died, her pontianak subordinates that ambushed Castiel also killed, including the Claire doppelganger. All of the pontianaks now turned into black ooze and white piles of ash, effectively put on rest.

In the aftermath of the events, police chose to not attempted to solve the case, as no logical explanation would suffice. No charges filed, by either attacked family members and the officers. The cases later filed as unsolved.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Riza possessed standard abilities of Pontianaks. She also possessed some power unique to her, apparently due to empowered by grudge against her lover, Ronald.

  • Shapeshifting - As Pontianak, she was capable shapeshifter. She can change their appearance according to their will.
  • Invisibility - As ghost, she was invisible. Except they wanted to appear.
  • Intangibility - As ghost, she was intangible. However, unusual for ghosts, once they are appear and manifested fully, their body is tangible and corporeal enough, and can be damaged by iron bullets.
  • Invulnerability - She was quite invulnerable against most harm, except pinned in a hole behind the neck using iron stake to weaken them and put them in sleep mode. Multiple shots of shotgun and pistol loaded with iron bullet cannot take her down.
  • Possession - As ghost, they able to possessed people. Unlike angry ghosts that normally secrete ectoplasm, the sign of Pontianak possession is fresh blood stream from nostril.
  • Memory Manipulation - She capable to manipulate memories of their victim. Her victims will have no recollection about what happened during possession.
  • Mental Manipulation - She capable to manipulate mental state of his victim, causing irrational and uncontrollable anger to build up in their victim.
  • Soul Control - As stronger Pontianak, she capable to control lower Pontianaks.
  • Biokinesis - Pontianaks able to inflict biological damage. She able to extract eye from anyone who saw them by her eyesight for consuming it.
  • Teleportation - As Pontianak, she capable able to teleport from her lair to the town with ease, and back again.
  • Claws - Pontianaks possessed sharp claws to attack and use it as offensive means against their attacker.
  • Scent Production - She can produce sweet breeze scent, marking their arrival. Her scent somewhat in consistent each time she appeared. When appeared to Elijah, her smell smelled like cinnamon. When appeared to Brandon, she used melted fragrant butter and corn. When appeared to Sam, she used sweets aroma. It is unknown what is her reason to do, but the novel implied they use the aroma which familiar or liked by the respective victim to draw their attention.
  • Voice Mimicry - She able to produce wailing voice like crying baby. If the sound very loud, it means they are far away from their victim. However, if the voice weaken, they are very close to them.
  • Thermokinesis - Her presence caused the temperature dropped significantly.
  • Weather Manipulation - Her presence caused the cold wind gust to appear.
  • Super Strength - Her raw power was very incredible. Her arm strength capable to impale a human with ease. She also able to flung a grown human without much difficulties.
  • Super Speed - She can move very fast, even her victim cannot hinder it.


  • Angels - Despite in weakened state, Castiel can hold her influence to her victim.
  • Iron - Like all ghost, Iron can affect them. However, they will not simply dissipated like other ghosts. If they are attacked during in corporeal form, iron bullets will leaving trace or wound as usual bullet hits the target. Despite that, it not stopping them, unless they are put on sleep.
    • Iron Stakes - Stabbing an iron stake to the neck hole behind their head will pinned them, putting them to sleep.
  • Decapitation - After she was put to sleep by Sam, Dean was able to kill her through decapitation.


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