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Rite of Renewal is a ritual dedicated to Anubis to keep him asleep.


For centuries, Anubis was worshiped by the jakkals as their god. The jakkals, in particular the Monsour family for untold generations, took care of Anubis' body and performed the proper rituals to keep him asleep when Anubis wasn't needed.


The ritual is very complex, requiring highly advanced potion brewing and spell casting, and requires precision in each step. If it's the botched even slightly, Anubis will be awaken improperly and will go berserk in the partial state of being awaken and in dreaming state.

The ritual was very lengthy. How many steps there are in the ritual is not revealed in detail.

The offering elixir was brewed for offering. The elixir was very complex. It was hinted that the elixir contained some rare or even possibly long-thought extinct spices used for embalming the dead in ancient Egypt era, along with mildew and wood rot and amaranthin, that are clearly mentioned.

A bronze dagger, the Blade of Life Everlasting, was later taken from ritual bag. The dagger is used to draw blood. The performer ritualistically takes 10 steps away, to the front of Anubis's Sarcophagus and opening it. The incantation must be recited prior to the blood being taken.

The incantation was in Ancient Egyptian, and translated as follows:

We praise you, Great Anubis, son of Nephthys and Set.
Lord of the Sacred Land, Protector of the Dead, Guardian of Eternal Shadow.
You, who inhabit the borderland between life and death, darkness and light, dreams and waking.
We brew for you this holy elixir so that you might drink deep and continue your long slumber until such time as your people once more have need of your guidance, strength, and savagery.
We pray you find our offering worthy,
Dread Lord, that your eyes remain closed, your heart silent, your limbs still, until the next cycle begins

The palm of the performer is later slit and the blood must be dropped into the chalice filled with the elixir. The elixir will turn from a coppery color to black and the smell turns from that of strong spices to being quite nasty.

After that, the elixir must be given to the Anubis' mummy. Anubis may awaken due to this, signified by his eyes turning red. However, stronger Jakkal can stop him from being fully awakened.

Using a countering incantation can force Anubis back to sleep again. The spell must be recited to Anubis' ear softly.

Great Dark One, return to your slumber. All is well.


If there are some mistakes, even a little, the ritual will fail. Failure in ritual can make Anubis berserk.


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