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Rita Johnson is the sister of the late Chester Johnson.


Rita was convinced by Stan and Phil that her brother may be harming the neighborhood children, and while Rita chose to defend Chester at first, her own doubts grew from the accusations and she allowed the two men to deal with the situation, believing they only wanted to scare Chester a little.

However, Chester died, and Rita helped them cover the crime by deciding to donate all of his costumes. These costumes would later become possessed by Chester's ghost, hell-bent on revenge.

Rita regretted her part in her brother's death, because she allowed Stan and Phil's accusations to make her doubt her own brother. She herself nearly became a victim, but was rescued by Sam and Dean. She and Max watched as Chester's ghost went up in flames, both horror-struck.



  • Rita implies while talking to Dean that her husband is dead, as she mentions Max having lost both his father and uncle.