On the battlefields of Heaven, there was a special class of angel. The Rit Zien. It's Enochian for 'hands of mercy.' They functioned like medics, they tended to the wounded, they healed those who could be healed. But for the mortally wounded, those who were past saving, the Rit Zien's job was to put them down. They had this way of smiting that was so quick and so total that it rendered death virtually painless. The Rit Zien hone in on pain, it's like a beacon to them.
Castiel describing the Rit Zien class.
in Heaven Can't Wait

Rit Zien are a special class of angel. In the battlefield, they act more as 'medics'. Their name is Enochian for "hands of mercy". They tended to the wounded—they healed those who could be healed, but for the mortally wounded or emotionally despondent, those who are past saving, the Rit Zien put them down. Because of this, there are those of the celestial ranks who seem to fear them.


As the medics of Heaven, Rit Zien heal the wounded angels and put down the angels that are beyond healing. Whenever they hear any form of pain, emotional or physical, they home in on it. Additionally, Rit Zien cannot tell the difference between emotional pain and physical pain, as said by Castiel, to them, "Pain is pain."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Rit Zien possess the standard powers of normal angels. However, as Castiel said, they have a special ability. "They had this way of smiting that was so quick and so total that it rendered death virtually painless." Additionally, as the "Medics" of Heaven, the Rit Zien have proficient healing abilities that allows them to heal not only humans but other angels as well.

  • Angelic Possession - Rit Zien require human vessels to exist in corporeal form. They need the vessel's permission to possess them.
  • Immortality - Being a class of angel, The Rit Zien are immortal and are unaffected by earthly disease.
  • Super Strength - The Rit Zien dramatically increase the strength of their vessels. Being a unique class of angels, it is unknown if their strength can match up to a common angel. However, they can overpower humans with ease.
  • Telekinesis - The Rit Zien can move objects without touching them.
  • Pain Detection - The Rit Zien home in on pain just like a beacon.
  • Ritziensmite

    Ephraim, a Rit Zien, about to smite a human.

    Unique Smiting - They have a special smiting ability which allows them to kill a person quickly without suffering pain. Their smiting has a pink glow, and destroys the entire body of the target, instead of just the eyes. Unlike other angels, Rit Zien are able to use this smiting technique on angelic beings as well.
  • Advanced Healing - They are also extremely proficient healers, and as such focused on such in the battlefield, as opposed to other angels who take part in actual combat. Their healing powers are above the likes of normal angels.
  • Telepathy - They can listen in on "angel radio".
  • Empathy - He could hear the cries of pain from individuals on earth. He claims to have found Castiel in this way.
    • Pain Detection - As a Rit Zien, Ephraim could hone in on pain and suffering.
  • Supernatural Perception - They can perceive angels, even ones without grace.


The Rit Zien possess the standard weaknesses of angels.

Known Rit ZienEdit


  • Although their unique smiting was said to be quick so as not to cause pain, at least one of Ephraim's victims shouted as if in distress. It is possible that their smiting is only painless to angels, not humans. It's also possible that they screamed out of fear.
  • Although there are no type of angels named Rit Zien in Christian beliefs, the Rit Ziens on the show are similar to the Virtues in angelic hierarchy. Virtues were the fifth order of angels, and their job were as healers and bring miracles to humans and the angels of Heaven. The Virtues also were said to govern over the elements and seasons.


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