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Rising Son is the seventeenth episode of Supernatural: The Animation.


Dean mourns his father's death from the previous episode. Missouri comforts him, and later reveals to him a box in which John had kept precious items. Among the items Dean finds is a family photo. Dean contemplates another photo, one which features Sam in the embrace of a dark-haired woman. The scene switches to flashbacks detailing the Winchester family's time with said woman.

Susan was a regular visitor at the Winchester family's house during Sam's childhood. Sam was noticeably fond of her and John liked having her around, while Dean preferred keeping a distance. Susan sometimes cooked for them, and took care of Sam, thus giving John time to work on planning for hunts.

One night, while John and Dean had snuck out to go hunting, Dean tripped and fell down a hill, damaging his shoulder. The beast they were chasing found him and prepared to attack him, but out of the blue, the beast was obliterated, only its carcass remained, and standing nearby, covered in blood, was a young Sam. Both John and Dean looked on in horror, while Sam was mostly confused.

A while later, a hunter broke into their house and tried to attack Sam. He ran away, and John gave chase. Susan expressed deep concern for the terrified Sam and magically knocked him out, surprising Dean. Susan is later kidnapping Sam.

John confronted the hunter who revealed the undeniable possibility that Sam would one day bring destruction and death, and tried to kill John, but John managed to stab him first. John then hurried back to his children.

Meanwhile, Dean tried to rescue Sam but realized Susan was possessed by a demon, proving her alliance to be with Azazel. Dean was left badly injured. Susan took Sam to a scrapyard that soon came to life, the mechanical contrapitions made attempts to attack Dean. Sam however, chose to help Dean and not stay with Susan, as she had hoped for, due to a longing for her late son.

This broke Susan out of her desire to steal Sam and she chose instead, to sacrifice herself to save the boys. John arrived soon after, and exorcised the demonic force inside the contraption. The whole thing fell apart on top of Dean and Sam, much to his horror. As John climbed the rubble, he contemplated over the words of the hunter, confused on what to do should his warnings be true.

Dean and Sam emerge from the rubble.

Dean and Sam emerged and reassured him that they were alright, though Sam admitted to Dean that he grieved the loss of Susan, since she was like the mother he never had. The three then watched the sun rise, with Dean remarking that it was an awesome sight.

In the present day, Dean is on the roof of the house and requests Sam, who is still covered in bandages, to join him so they can watch the sun rise. Here, Dean remarks that this sight always seems to make things better.

After the credit rolls, Dean tells himself that he will do whatever it takes to ensure that Sam doesn't die.


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  • This is an anime-only episode.
  • This episode maybe derived from Supernatural: Rising Son novel series, specifically book two.  


  • Anderson : I heard something terrifying once not too long ago. The demon said, your son Sam will one day be the leader of an army against this world.
  • John : I don't believe you, it's not true!
  • Anderson : Countless numbers of people in the future will lose their lives because of your son Sam, and now we're seeing the signs. We have no choice but to kill him.